20 Puppies Who Are Just Too Cute

 Photos of Cute Puppies Guaranteed to Make You Smile


Looking at photos of cute puppies can definitely improve your mood.

Who doesn’t love puppies with their big eyes and vulnerable innocent looking little faces. So full of hope and enthusiasm.

Are you in need of your daily dose of cute? Here is a collection of 20 adorable little puppy faces:

Shivers the Jack Russel puppy looking at the camera

Black puppy Buster smiling

King the German-Shepherd puppy sitting

teacup maltese puppy looking at camera

maltese puppy poses for camera

pom-chi puppy looking up into camera

zeke the golden retriever puppy laying down


Uni the Shiba Inu puppy being held

Golden Retriever Guide Dog Puppies

Cute Puppy Laying on the grass

Guide Dog puppy dressed as an angel

black puppy being held looking away

Twizzler the puppy gives paw


ALEX the pom puppy so cute


Odis the puppy giving the camera a grumpy

TH adorable puppy at CPE


Cute Pug Belly

Adorable Puppies

Cute Doxie Puppy

Thinking about adopting or buying a puppy?

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Always adopt a dog through a reputable breeder, shelter, humane society or rescue organization. There are links at the bottom of each breed in our library that can help you find an available dog or go on Petfinder. Always avoid backyard breeders and pet stores that are not featuring rescues (They are often supplied by Puppy Mills). Learn more about the dangers of adopting a puppy from Puppy Mills in our Say No To Puppy Mills Post HERE.

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