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Pug Puppy Winston

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Really cute video of our little Pug puppy friend Winston playing around in her bed, Snuggling and Sleeping! So adorable! I want one.

Puppies at Slobberfest

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Hot Diggity! Check out these cute pups as they have a fun time during everyone's favourite doggy day, Slobberfest in the Beaches, Toronto!

Cute Puppies

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Looking into the eyes of a puppy can have the same effect as looking into the eyes of a baby, We hope that the cute puppies in our video will make you happy too!

Cute Terrier Puppy

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Who doesn't love cute puppies!

Share the Love of Dogs

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Some of the cute dogs we love!

Boston Terrier Puppy Snoring

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Boston Terrier Puppy Snoring- Melissa Millett's 7 week old Puppy Pickles snores like a Lumber Jack

Cutest Baby and Puppy

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Cutest Baby and Puppy- watch this adorable affectionate golden retriever with a squeaky baby

Adorable Puppy

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Adorable Puppy at All About Dogs Training Class

Cute Puppy

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Cute Puppy at training class at All About Dogs

Cute Puppy Training

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Cute Puppy Training at All About Dogs

Cute Talking Husky Puppy says “I Love you”

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Cute Talking Husky Puppy Bella learns to say "I Love you"

Pippy Puppy Love first date- slow mo

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Pippy Puppy Love first date- slow mo in the off leash dog park- fun in the sun

Diesel the Puppy

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Diesel the Puppy - Loves to be around people, and does not get startled by new or large groups of people, already knows basic commands at 10 weeks of age.

Getting a Puppy?

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Getting A Puppy Checklist- Watch this great video on some of the things you should consider when getting a puppy from experts like Dr Stanley Coren.

Husky Puppies – Adopt a Puppy

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Husky Puppies - Adopt a Puppy If you are looking to adopt a pet, why not look for rescue dogs for adoption or use a petfinder site to help? Many dogs in rescue are pure breed dogs that have ended up in an pet shelter...

Adorable Puppy Buster- The Portuguese Water Dog

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Adorable Puppy Buster- The Portuguese Water DogBuster is an adorable puppy - who could resist that smile . He is a 16 week old Portuguese Water Dog. He weighs about 20lbs and will probably grow to about 45lbs. W...

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