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Boston Terrier Puppy Snoring

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Boston Terrier Puppy Snoring- Melissa Millett's 7 week old Puppy Pickles snores like a Lumber Jack

Baby Pug Puppies Sleeping- Who can resist?

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Vidoe of Baby Pug Puppies sleeping will melt your Heart Who doesn't love Pugs and Puppies. This adorable video of a litter of little Pug Puppies sleeping is so sweet. What do you think the one on the left is dreaming...

Is Benji an adorable miniature Husky puppy or an Alaskan Klee Kai?

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What is the difference between a Miniature Husky Puppy and an Alaskan Klee Kai?We were all captivated by little Benji at the Purina PawWay Halloween Party. I asked his owner if he was a Mini Husky Puppy but he inf...

20 Puppies Who Are Just Too Cute

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20 Puppies Who Are Just Too Cute  Photos of Cute Puppies Guaranteed to Make You SmileLooking at photos of cute puppies can definitely improve your mood.Who doesn't love puppies with their big eyes and vulne...

Pippy Puppy Love first date- slow mo

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Pippy Puppy Love first date- slow mo in the off leash dog park- fun in the sun

Adopting or Buying a Puppy? Watch these Videos First.

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 Puppyhood is not all fun and games. This branded video from Buzzfeed is funny and cute. It also shares some good insights on the responsibilities and challenges of getting a puppy. If you are thinking of adopting or...

Cutest Baby and Sleepy Puppy

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Sleepy Puppy just can't stay awake Nothing cuter than a sleepy puppy snuggling a baby. I would be very careful leaving a puppy near my own baby for both their safety, but this is adorable.

Husky Puppies – Adopt a Puppy

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Husky Puppies - Adopt a Puppy If you are looking to adopt a pet, why not look for rescue dogs for adoption or use a petfinder site to help? Many dogs in rescue are pure breed dogs that have ended up in an pet shelter...

Adorable Puppy Buster- The Portuguese Water Dog

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Adorable Puppy Buster- The Portuguese Water DogBuster is an adorable puppy - who could resist that smile . He is a 16 week old Portuguese Water Dog. He weighs about 20lbs and will probably grow to about 45lbs. W...

Adorable Puppy

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Adorable Puppy at All About Dogs Training Class

Cute Puppy

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Cute Puppy at training class at All About Dogs

Cute Pup Quiz with Salma Hayek

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Cute Pup Quiz on Saturday Night Live Watch the video to see who wins the puppies in this funny trivia quiz for animal lovers on Saturday Night Live. Will it be gorgeous Salma Hayek or hilarious Jimmy Fallon?I lov...

Cute Puppy Training

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Cute Puppy Training at All About Dogs

Getting a Puppy?

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Getting A Puppy Checklist- Watch this great video on some of the things you should consider when getting a puppy from experts like Dr Stanley Coren.

Cute Talking Husky Puppy says “I Love you”

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Cute Talking Husky Puppy Bella learns to say "I Love you"

Pug Puppy Winston

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Really cute video of our little Pug puppy friend Winston playing around in her bed, Snuggling and Sleeping! So adorable! I want one.

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