My daughter Sophie’s best friend since Junior Kindergarten is Daisy. Her parents became our close friends. Daisy was an only child until almost 13 years ago when her family got Stanley, a Border Terrier. My daughter went with them to the breeder and Stan wobbled over and chose them.


He was a fabulous little guy who went to work with Dad most days at Urban Garden. He was affectionate and loved chasing squirrels and hiking in Keene NY or walking in the ravine near our houses. He attended dinners with his parents and was a wonderful companion.


Two years ago we started fostering Kilo the Pug. Kilo hated strangers and other dogs and was very fear reactive. Stanley’s Mom is such a dear friend – she agreed to walk with us regularly parallel on the other side of the street gradually getting closer. Kilo was and is absolutely terrified of parks, especially those with off-leash dogs.

Kilo running over to say hi to Stan and Al

Kilo ran over to say hi to Stan and his Dad

At first, I would carry him through the park closest to us and then we would walk in the ravine or the Brickworks or on the sidewalk around the neighborhood. Gradually Kilo became more and more comfortable with Stanley. Stanley was a senior and kind of frosty/grumpy with some other dogs by then. He didn’t mind or bug Kilo or get in his face or butt and he snapped at other dogs that came close to either of them. Eventually, Kilo would run towards him and walk behind or beside him happily, feeling much safer I think. Stanley had his back.



He let Stan come into our house twice and even had a successful playdate at Stanley’s house once- his first ever. Hopefully not his last.

We miss Stanley every day, but he had a truly wonderful life surrounded by love, fun, friends, and family.He was very healthy right up until the last few months when he got a thyroid condition and cutaneous lymphoma.

We had a great walk in the Brickworks a few weeks ago, then he went off on holiday to Keene. He was happy and still loving life right until the end and went quietly in his Dad’s arms in the mountains.

RIP Stanley. Pug hugs from Kilo and hope you are enjoying lots of toys and treats running free over the rainbow bridge. We miss you.


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