So sad to say goodbye to the awesome little chihuahua, Poncho.



Closing My Eyes

As I close my eyes I see you running free; free of pain waiting by the gates for me.

Closing my eyes and seeing you in my dreams running; running free
It’s like a part of you hasn’t left me as I close my eyes I see you there waiting for me.

The time has come for me to say good bye; but how does one do when I close my eyes all I see is you. I look over my shoulder thinking I just saw you sitting there, but when I look again you are not there.

Closing my eyes I see you in my dreams; I feel you oh so close to me; like your ghost is walking beside me. I feel you oh so close; I hold you oh so close to my heart.

Written By: Marcy Wright

R.I.P. Poncho and the rest of the animals who have passed over; you rest, and one day we will all meet again…..

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    To My Beloved Little Dog Poncho Whom has since passed away 2 weeks ago; due to kidney failure…..

    Here I wrote a little something for him Please enjoy!

    Like A Feather

    Like a feather you’re blowing in the wind; as your ashes blow I feel you all around me. Running free of pain; for I have seen in the days before.

    Blow like the feather without pain run free until we meet again. Like a feather you’re free; free of all the pain. As I saw in your eyes you couldn’t hold on any longer as each second the pain got worse I knew it was time for me to let you free.

    Blow like the feather in the wind; I feel you all around me. Oh how I miss you so, but knew I had to let you go.

    R.I.P Poncho (AKA) Fat-Man….

    Written By: Marcy Wright