How to make a Duct Tape Bow Tie Collar for Your Dog

Watch this simple video on how to make a duct tape Bow tie collar for your dog


Duct Tape

A measuring tape

A small, thin ribbon or strip of duct tape for middle of bow

Extra ribbon to tie the bow to your dog or a collar to attach the bow to

materials for bow ties- ribbon measuring tape glue duct tape scissors

Step 1: Measure The Tape

Measure out the duct tape to be twice as long as you want your bow to be. You want to make two different sized bows and put one on top of the other to get a more 3D effect. We made ours from a 10in piece for the back and a 7in piece for the front.

duct tape measured out and cut for bow ties - Edited

completed bow ties of different sizes and styles

For a larger dog and to make a bigger bow tie we measured 14in for the larger piece and 10in for the smaller.

Step 2: Fold The Tape

Carefully fold the duct tape in half, aligning the two edges so the sticky parts touch each other. Do this with both pieces.

duct tape being folded for bow ties

kilo folding some tape

fold both pieces of tape in half

Step 3: Fold The Tape Horizontally, Twice

Fold the duct tape in half horizontally so both edges meet and then back again the other way (like a fan). Do this with both pieces.

fold tape in half and back again

fold tape back onto itself

Step 4: Layer The Bows and Pinch the Middle

With the smaller piece centred on top of the larger one and the creases lined up, pinch the centre of both to make the bow’s shape.

layer both bows together

Bow Tie Pinch 3

Step 5: Tape the Centre in Place

Take a small piece of duct tape and wrap it carefully around where you’re pinching to hold it in place.

tape centre of bow tie

tape center into place

Step 6: Measure Your Dog’s Neck

Use the measuring tape to measure your dog’s neck and be sure to leave 3 or 4 inches extra to tie a knot into later. Cut a piece of ribbon to this size, or for this step you can also just use a collar you may already have for your dog and secure the bow onto that.

measure your pets neck

Step 7: Secure bow to ‘Collar’ and Cover

Place the ribbon measured to your dog’s neck, or the collar you already have centered to the back of the bow. Use a little bit of hot glue to secure this in place. Cover your taped center and the ‘collar’ with a fancy ribbon by wrapping it around on top of where you just taped. Glue into place.

attach collar ribbon onto bow

Glue ribbon in place

glue ribbon into place

bow covered

Now you have a beautiful, funky new piece of bling for your dog to show off!  Just look at Kilo the Pug!

Kilo and his human showing off their bow ties

Let us know if you try this DIY or if you have any other cool ideas for DIYs that you think we should try next!

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