The DIY Dogs Show Us How To Make Amazing DIY Mother’s Day Cards

A simple and fun way to make a mothers day card for someone you love

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and we can all find ourselves scrambling last minute for something to give our mothers to show that we care. Well, search no more!

The updated Collage Maker on is the perfect easy way to make heartwarming or funny DIY Mother’s Day cards in no time, especially for Dog Lovers and Dog Moms.  Let a Mom or Dog Mom you care about know that you notice the hard work and love they put in every day.

Watch this fun video about how to use the Collage Maker.  It’s super simple to use, but watch it for the cuteness! Crafty little Kilo the Pug, the DIY Dog, doesn’t disappoint.


About The Collage Maker

The Collage Maker isn’t just for kids but it is incredibly kid-friendly. You can use it to make Mother’s Day, Birthday, and BFF cards as well as to send a nice message to a loved one including your Dog.

Start by clicking here to go to the Kid’s Pet Club website and open up the Collage Maker in games. From there, follow these simple steps to get your card underway:

  1. Click on <Background> to choose and add a Background Picture.
  2. Click on <Overlay> and add decorations like sunglasses or hats
  3.  Click on <Text> and add text like “Happy Mother’s Day” or “I love you”
  4.  Click on <Save to Gallery> to save your image in our Gallery and/or  click <Download> to save to your image to your computer (You can then print or share!)

Happy Card Making and Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you or your kids try out the collage maker? What did you think? Tell us in the comments!


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  • That’s a great, easy DIY! Thanks for sharing!

  • Hindy Pearson 6 months ago

    Cute!! I know my mother would appreciate the effort that goes into something handmade, not to mention it’s one of a kind. A great way to make someone feel special.

  • To this day I tell me boys that I would rather a homemade card over a bought one any day! Maybe I should get them to take a look, especially with Mother’s Day hint hint

  • Cute idea! I’ve never used the collage maker before. This might be something my kids will have fun with.

  • Oh now that looks like fun! Brilliant idea. I’m going to have to try this–when I find spare time (what’s THAT?!! BOL!) You always have such clever posts.

  • I don’t see if my comment posted, so trying again (getting frustrated with the internet! grrr!). I look forward to having time to try some of these clever ideas out. This looks like so much fun.

  • This is so cute! The instructional video is amazing. Great job.

  • hmmmm… maybe we will make one for grandma!

  • What a cute idea. The cards my nieces and nephews made me when they were small were always my favorites.

  • Aww, what a cute idea! I remember making homemade cards for my mom growing up. She always cherished those ones the most.

  • Very cute DIY. Something homemade really shows how much you care, and these look very easy!

  • What a fun idea! I want to make some for myself!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I’ll soon have the updated grown-up version on Talent Hounds and you’ll be able to upload your own photos just for your own use. You have such stunning photos you could really have fun.

  • I don’t think this article, your site, or Kilo could be any more adorable! So happy to have found you!

  • I need to check this out. I’m always searching for applications I can use for photo editing and making collages.

  • What a cute and fun idea especially for upcoming Mothers Day /Father Day. I’ll share this on post with others. Thanks!

  • Easiest way to make a Mother’s Day card? Steal a cute pug!!!!!

    You have such an unfair advantage – you just need to pop Edie on the front and voila!!

    OK I know, I know!! We have to agree 100% children’s apps are often of the best quality and should be used by us all (so much more fun than Photoshop right?)

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      This updated kids’ version does not allow uploading but I will have one on Talent Hounds that does soon. Or I am happy to include pet pics if anyone wants to be featured. Maybe Kelly will send me a pic of Edie to go with Kilo and Fishstick as they are a super cute group LOL.

  • How cute is this! I am pretty sure I would have just as much fun with this as my daughter. And LOL, Kilo sure looks excited to try the collage maker. Adorable video!

  • A homemade Mother’s Day card has to be way better than a store bought card for Mom! I don’t have thumbs so I didn’t try out the collage maker. Love Dolly

  • What a good gadget! I’ve gotten some hand made cards that are so beautiful, it’s a lovely thing to do for someone you care about.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • This is very cute, I wish something like this was around when my kids were younger. They would have loved it!