DIY: Make Your Own Treat Jar

Watch our straight forward video on how to make a personalised treat jar for your dog

This is a really simple DIY that you can really do whatever you want with to make your dog a personalized treat jar that will look great in your kitchen. (And go ahead and make a bigger jar for food to match while you’re at it!)

Look out for the lid of your jar when attempting this DIY. Be careful to keep glue away from the opening so that the lid can still fit tightly on when you’re done, as well as being careful not to accidentally glue your jar shut!

Watch the video tutorial here:



A jar (any size)

Decorative tape


Hot Glue Gun and Glue


Paint Marker/Chalk Label/Letter Stickers

 * Add any other decorations of your choice

Treat Jar Materials

Step 1: Pick the decorations

For our main jar we’re going to use some red duct tape, a white ribbon, some glittery stick-on letters, a bow-tie, and some paw print stickers. You can see here for different styles of jar we used different decorations.

different matterials for different styles

Step 2: Put on your base layer of decorations

Take your tape, or your ribbon or whatever you have and wrap your jar. Make sure you secure these well to the jar as you’ll be sticking more things on top of them.  The tape is self-explanatory but for the ribbon we found hot gluing it in just one small spot and then layering the end over the same place worked best. Be sure to leave a spot somewhere to put your dog’s name which you could put either on top of your tape/ribbon or in between depending on the materials you are using.

base layer of decorations for jar

cut duct tape for jar

White Ribbon on Jar

Glue White Ribbon

Step 3: Put on your label 

If you don’t have a chalk label specifically don’t sweat it! You can make your own label with some funky cardstock paper and glue it on. For one of our jars we used a paint marker to just write the name on and for another, we actually used stick on letters over the duct tape. 

label your jar with stickers

jar labeled with kilos name

label your jar with chalk label

write on chalk label



Step 4: Bling out, Bedazzle and Personalize your jar

Here’s where you get to be creative! Take whatever decorations you have and stick them onto your jar really well. Make sure not to cover your label or seal your lid shut, but using hot glue might be a good idea so your decorations won’t fall off too easily. (We used some paw print stickers and a duct tape bow tie you can learn how to make easily HERE to decorate this jar and a funky flower to decorate another)

add stickers to decorate jars

decorate jars with bow ties

kilo with jars

Step 5: Add treats!

Fill your jar up with your dog’s food or favorite treat and find a place to display your wonderful craft for everyone to see!


DIY - make your won treat jar kilo-with-all-four-jars-300x225

If you’re looking for some treats to fill up your jar with, check out our DOG LICKS posts on how to make these cute and delicious labrador retriever cookies!


Did you try this DIY? Do you have an idea for a DIY you’d like to see us try next? Let us know in the comments!

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