Say hi to Spencer the Goldendoodle – rescue dogs rock!

Spencer the GoldenDoodle smiling in leaves- rescues rock

Spencer the GoldenDoodle

Spencer’s Story

Spencer’s mom, a Golden Retriever, and dad, a Standard Poodle, were both rescued form a Puppy Mill in North Dakota by RAGOM, Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota.

 When his mom was placed in foster care in late 2007 RAGOM found out she was pregnant with Spencer and his 8 litter mates. January 31st of 2008,  nine gorgeous puppies were born happy and healthy in a safe home. All of the puppies were adopted out to loving families.
Spencer Doodle and siblings

Spencer the Goldendoodle and his littermates

Say No To Puppy Mills

Every year, millions of dogs go into shelters, and too many still get euthanized.  In spite of this crisis, there are still thousands of Puppy Mills in north America breeding puppies for pet stores and private sales.

A puppy mill, sometimes known as a puppy farm, is a commercial dog breeding facility that is operated with an emphasis on profits over the welfare of the dogs bred, with deplorable conditions of care often the norm.

Spencer’s 2nd Blogiversary- Pawty Time

Today is Spencer’s 2nd Blogiversary so go to his blog and join the pawty.  Since adopting Spencer and starting his blog, their goal is to continue to bring awareness to Puppy Mills, as well as supporting shelters and rescue organizations.
Spencer looking smart in Bandana

Spencer brings smiles

Spencer has a talent of bringing smiles to everyone he meets. Since he was around wheelchairs and other medical equipment he is not afraid to walk up to others in wheelchairs and sit right next to them begging to be petted.
You can find Spencer on Instagram and Facebook

RAGOM- Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota


RAGOM all started with one homeless Golden Retriever whose time was up at a shelter. Hank and Jane Nygaard took her in and, after getting her spayed and all of her vaccinations, they found this lucky Golden a new home. After the first Golden there always seemed to be another that needed to find a home. That is how RAGOM was started. RAGOM has re-homed more than 6,000 Golden Retrievers since 1985.
To celebrate Spencer’s Blogiversary, consider spreading the word about Puppy Mills and the joys of Rescue Dogs, adopting or making a donation.
Please do your research and make sure you are ready for a Golden, then visit the adoptables from RAGOM
Adoptabes from RAGOM

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  • What a great write up you did and thank you for sharing RAGOM as well! RAGOM has done so much for me and the best way to pay them back is to continue to spread the word about Puppy Mills! Thank you again Talent Hounds, you help make my Blogiversary extra special! 🙂