Charlie, A Hearing Impaired Puppy Melts Our Hearts in this Feature

Charlie the rescue husky

Siber Rescue Ontario is just one of the many organizations fighting for the welfare of the breed. Located in Aurora, ON this rescue saves, rehabilitates and rehomes huskies in need. Charlie, a husky puppy, is one of the many animals they save each year. Though adorable, this dog’s story will tug at your heart strings.

Check out Charlie from Siber Rescue in this inspirational feature:

We met Vanessa at The Canadian Pet Expo where she was accompanied by Charlie, a six-month-old female husky looking for her forever home. Sadly Charlie had spent the first months of her life stuck in a crate before the SPCA stepped in and she was placed in rescue.

Kept in Isolation

Huskies are a breed requiring a very active lifestyle, and many potential adopters don’t realise this when they select the breed. Like any dog, a Husky pup required huge amounts of time and energy to become happy and healthy. Charlie’s previous owners, unfortunately, didn’t know how to care for a husky puppy.

Puppy with blue eyes looking into the camera.

They kept her in isolation, fed her nutritionless junk food and were too busy to socialise her. Poor Charlie had a very rough start to life, but she is still loving despite her abuse. This is a dog who just wants to be loved and share her love with you!

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Hearing Impairment Doesn’t Slow her Down

Abuse wasn’t Charlie’s only hill to overcome, Charlie is also hearing impaired, but that doesn’t stop this playful puppy. She’s learning sign language and is proving to be a very intelligent girl. This tenacious pup keeps working hard to become the best pet possible, and we can’t wait to hear what else she will accomplish.

Cute husky puppy with a big smile.

A Happy Ending

Charlie is another inspirational rescue dog that proves they aren’t broken, they can learn and they make amazing pets. Rescues really do rock!

Sweet husky puppy being caressed.

Another hearing impaired pup was recused recently by a 10-year-old girl named Julia who was also born deaf. Julia is teaching her dog sign language and the two have become instant BFFS. Watch their inspirational story here.

Famous Guys like Huskies too

The original Canadian Bachelor and Celebrity Athlete, Narrator and TV Host, Brad Smith, told all about his rescue dog and how much he loved his co-star Laika the husky rescue puppy from Moosonee Puppy Rescue in our Rescue’s Rock Series. Brad adopted his dog in university and still loves and cares for her 15 years later, sharing custody with his house-mate.

He’s just too cute! Watch our behind the scenes footage:

Click HERE to hear more about Brad Smith’s Rescue Story

Adopt A Husky!

There are so many huskies waiting to be adopted.  If, after careful research and planning,  you are considering the breed, please look at adopting. Visit a rescue, use Pet Finder or check your local Shelters and Humane Societies. Rescues Rock!

Are Huskies your favourite breed? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Fantastic post! Charlie is an inspiration indeed and a doll! As a mom to a partially deaf Husky, they are so smart and very focused. What they can’t hear, they make up in other senses. Bandit is our most alert Husky who senses wildlife in our yard before the others, and she is a real love bug. I’m sure Charlie will find a loving forever home very soon! Thanks to the SPCA and Siber Rescue Ontario for rescuing her. What a sad beginning for this beautiful girl, but thankfully, her future looks very bright! Warms my heart! And to answer your questions – absolutely Huskies are my favorite breed! I’m Mom to five! (One is now a furangel). They are amazing, loving, super smart, and very silly! Thanks for this great story and highlighting the magnificent Siberian Husky. I’m sharing this over on my FiveSibes Facebook page and Twitter (@FiveSibesMom) & Pinning (Dorothy “FiveSibesMom”).

  • I think Huskies are such a cool breed. I’m a big fan of Brad and Laika as I’ve seen some sweet stories about them both. Charlie seems like a sweet pup and I hope someone takes her home – I bet she’s a quick study with sign language!

  • What a wonderful rescue story!

  • What a beautiful rescue story! Huskies are such a fun breed and are always so happy and spirited.

  • Rescue stories always tug at my heart. Husky eyes are mesmerizing, including Charlie.

  • Charlie’s eyes are beautiful and almost haunting. What gorgeous girl. You know I love rescues and absolutely believe they rock. Love when you said that Charlie’s inspirational story proves that rescue dogs aren’t broken. I’m still shocked that some people actually view rescue animals this way. Ugh.

    Sending Charlie all kinds good wishes for a wonderful life and future!

  • I think Huskeys are a beautiful breed. I have a soft spot for the herding dogs since I grew up with a collie. People really need to research breeds (both dogs and cats) before adopting to make sure they will fit their lifestyle.

  • The DIY Dog Mom 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for advocating for him! He is inspiring and amazing!

  • I love the way Huskies look but they’re a totally wrong breed for us and I know it! Great rescue story.

  • Deafness does not slow a pup down does it? What an inspiration to anayone who feels they don’t cope weill with a deaf pup – keep trying and keep going and you will both learn!

  • I love that you shared this positive story of Charlie. You give such hope!

  • We see a lot of Huskies in the park which bothers mom a lot as she doubts they’re good city dogs and some of the owners are questionable. Which makes you understand how so many end up in rescues. Love Dolly

  • OMD, as a Husky Mama I love this post! I want to adopt another Husky very much, but we are not ready to add another dog at this time, I hope so soon though. I hope Charlie finds the loving home he deserves with a family who knows how to care for a super active breed. I loved Brad’s video too, especially the fact that he rescued a dog as a college student and still has that dog years later. At the shelter, we’ve had issues with students adopting a dog and when they graduate they surrender the dog back to the shelter because their parents won’t allow them to bring their dog home. After I learned that, I always question student adopters about what will happen to the dog upon graduation to ensure they have the parent’s permission – I even made one guy call his Mom from the shelter, tell her about the dog & ask if he could bring her home upon graduation – she said Yes! LOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Oh I love that you check with students and parents. Brad has been a great dog dad but I will do a post on that on Backseat Barkers as we had the issue with kittens and our daughter Sophie and her room mates. It even inspired my Pippy Love movie story (student Emma adopts Pippy the puppy and then can not look after her so her older sister has to take her) And when I think about it, several organizations foster with students which could be a better solution for some. Maybe I can get a quote from you.

  • She is a beautiful girl. I’m glad she is getting a chance for the life she deserves and I hope Charlie finds her forever home soon.

  • Charlie is beautiful! So glad she is now living a happy and well-loved life. I love stories with happy endings like this.

  • Koda is a rescued husky mix. Yes huskys are hard to handle and although we dont know the full reason for Kodas give up we can only assume the owners were not ready to care for such a high anxiety and energy dog. I am blessed that my husband found her and fell in love with hee bc I too have. She is smart and trustworthy and worth all the hardships that come with the anxiety she has. Huskys are a blessing but are not for first time dog owners with a busy lifestyle. We are so happy for Charlie, although she suffered hard times she deserves a great home and a second chance.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      So glad you found Koda and she found you. It is so important to find the right breed and dog for your lifestyle and personality. I would not be able to handle a husky right now, even though I think my husband would love one, as we have no garden and my husband has had to stop running – it would not be fair. I never thought of pugs until I was doing our breed quiz, but Kilo is the right size, personality and energy level for our lifestyle (I just wish he had been socialized and was not so reactive/anxious but he is gradually slowly improving).

  • I’ve fostered deaf dogs before and their ability to adapt is incredible. This was such a beautiful story, we are rooting for Charlie!