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How Music Rescues Dogs and Helps Cope with Loss.

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"Music Rescues" is Perfectly In Tune With Our New "Rescues Rock" Series. In our new series of "Rescues Rock" episodes, we are featuring people in the music business who love music and dogs, and use music and music ...

How Little Rescue Puppy Tilley Found Love and Stardom.

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   From Shelter Pup to Amazing Trick Dog. In just two years, this  adorable little rescue puppy has gone from death row to love and local stardom. Jess, Tilley’s manager and trainer, f...

How celebrities in the music industry help rescue dogs in need

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Celebrities in the Music Industry Save Rescue Dogs' Lives. Dean Brody, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and more are helping man's best friend! It's no secret that two of the best things in life are dogs and mu...

Adorable Adoptable Dogs and Rescues at the Pop Up Adopt Shop

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Rescue Organizations and Adoptables at the Pop Up Adopt Shop We had a great afternoon at Purina PawsWay's Pop Up Adopt Shop Event last Saturday meeting some adorable adoptable dogs and some great volunteers from Resc...

Fundraising for Animal Rescues and Shelters

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Fundraising Ideas for Shelters and Rescue Organizations Kilo the Pug started out as our foster dog from Homeward Bound Rescue in Ontario and is now part of our family.My cat Nala was also a rescue. There are ...

Congratulations Spencer The Goldendoodle – rescue dogs rock!

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Say hi to Spencer the Goldendoodle - rescue dogs rock!Spencer's Story Spencer's mom, a Golden Retriever, and dad, a Standard Poodle, were both rescued form a Puppy Mill in North Dakota by RAGOM, Retrieve a Golden...

I’m just a Dancing Pug

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Kilo is the Best Dancing Pug Every day Kilo the Pug shows that Rescues Rock. Here is the Dancing Pug enjoying some 80's tunes with Mom, channelling MJ. He even has white gloves.Pugs just wanna have fun like Cindy...

Dance Moves for Dogs

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Thoughtless Thursday - Dance Moves for DogsKilo loves to dance solo. He has a couple of cool dance moves for dogs. He jumps around on his hind legs and spins in circles.We practise some moves together. He make...

Say NO to Puppy Mills – ADOPT DON’T SHOP

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SAY NO to Puppy Mills - ADOPT DON'T SHOPPuppy mills are inhumane breeding facilities where the focus is on profit rather than the well being of the dogs.   There is very little concern for the health of the dogs...

Jumpy the Rescue Really Rocks this video

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Jumpy the Rescue Really Rocks this video- such a talented trick dog.

Dogs For Adoption: Zoomba & Zoro

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Dogs For Adoption: Zoomba & Zoro Are Ready To Find Their Furever Homes! Our friend Margaret from Helping Homeless Pets has alerted us that two adorable dachshund mixes have come into Tiny Paws Dog Rescue and are ...

Theo and Beau- cutest rescue puppy

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Watch this adorable video about Theo and Beau who became internet sensations napping together- so cute!

Thanks-Bulldog Moose found a foster

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 Yay!! Bulldog MooseThank you everyone for sharing and caring - this goofy friendly 8 year old fellow found a foster Please support the wonderful work of  Homeward Bound Rescue Remember- do your research, ...

Surprising Video of Rescue Dogs that Rock

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Amazing Rescue Dogs Rock this Music Video Prepare to be surprised and smile. We celebrate the amazing talented Rescue Dogs we have met in this lively music video. They are not broken, they CAN be trained, and they ha...


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My dog's talents are posing for pictures, spinning in circles, kissing and cuddling She can hold a great sit/stay.

Chief the German Shepherd

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Chief the German Shepherd We fell in love with the story of Chief and all he has overcome thanks to his patient and caring new family. Read his amazing story below that was published on his Facebook page about his pr...

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