This special little dachshund is Arthur and he is proof- Rescue Dogs Rock! He has overcome being born without eyes and almost euthanized. Today he is a happy boy and a huge inspiration and a wonderful part of mom, Margaret’s life.

Arthurs Story:

At nine weeks old Arthurs breeder decided to take him to the vet to be euthanized  because he was deemed “unsellable” due to being born completely visionless. Thankfully the vet declined to perform the procedure and he was put into the care of “Helping Homeless Pets”, an amazing rescue organization where mom Margaret, a volunteer, then adopted him. He’s a true rescue inspiration and a happy tail! Despite his lack of vision, this determined pup loves to perform tricks, knows many commands, walks on a leash and loves to play. He attended regular puppy classes at Who’s Walking Who and locates Margaret through voice and  little bells she wears on her shoe.



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