Enjoy our original love song and video tribute to rescue dogs past and present #rescuesrock
We believe true love can last forever and that the love of a dog is true. We celebrate this love in our new tribute to rescue dogs past and present with a truly beautiful original love song and video “Forever” just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Dogs give us a special unconditional love and companionship. They depend on us and in turn, many of us come to depend on them. Back in 2013 and 2014, I made the original one hour documentary Talent Hounds to explore our changing relationship with dogs and all the benefits they bring us. I followed up with  the “Rescues Rock” Blog and TV series promoting adoption and dispelling rumours that rescue or shelter dogs are always broken and can not be trained.

Each year, we do an original song and tribute video to try to bring a little more joy to the world and celebrate dogs. We started with “My Dog”.

Last year, we did the anti discrimination song and video “Love Like a Dog” which won best pet video at the Blog Paws Annual Awards. What an incredible experience.

This year, our new video “Forever” is especially meaningful to me. Many year ago, my brother wrote music for a beautiful song about feeling alive again through depression. I have always loved the song and asked him if I could do a new version as a tribute to Forever Love. I felt it could be perfect to promote awareness and fundraise for Rescue Dogs. He agreed.

Brilliant writer and musician Jeff Butler took my new ideas and words, and an old very rough recording of the original song and worked his magic with his son Graydon. He laid down a track and we noodled the lyrics a little until we were both happy. Then we needed an amazing singer with the right range and tone. My business partners Paul and Nina mentioned their friend’s daughter LOVES dogs and has the voice of an angel. We spoke to Aiko and her Dad Brent and they immediately volunteered to donate their time to make my dream a reality and help rescues.

Aiko recording the song Forever for rescues

Aiko recording the song “Forever”

Behind the Scenes

We spent many hours in a home made “studio” Jeff and I set up in my basement recording. Jeff and Aiko were incredible. Aiko is so talented, passionate and professional. I predict she will have a great future as an artist and help many dogs and people find and celebrate love.

My brilliant editor Mark and I then took footage of my little muse Kilo the Pug and the Rescue Dogs we have featured in the “Rescues Rock” series on the Blog and created the video.

Thank you to all of the organizations, dogs and dog lovers who have supported our efforts over the years, especially Bullwrinkles/Barnsdale Farms and the Trinchini family who have helped with filming, donations and promotions.

See one of my thank you notes to the team of Rescue Rock Stars who helped with filming the TV here.

RIP – May Love Live on Forever.

Several of the beautiful rescue dogs featured in “Forever” passed away recently, after wonderful lives with their loved ones. May their spirits and love stay with us “Forever” and their legacies live on.

I also dedicate this to my sister Fiona who loved all animals, especially our adopted dog Kim and cat Samantha. She would have loved this song and video.

Watch and Share and we will Donate.

We will donate any revenue on YouTube from this song for the next 4 weeks to Homeward Bound Dog Rescue where Kilo the Pug and I found each other, and the Toronto Humane Society who do an amazing job helping rescues.

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Did you like the song and video? Do you have a rescue story? Tell us in the comments.

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