Chief the German Shepherd

We fell in love with the story of Chief and all he has overcome thanks to his patient and caring new family. Read his amazing story below that was published on his Facebook page about his progress:



” I knew of him for about a year or so before I got him. When I first met him he was with his dad in the back yard. The typical looking GSD, then there was Chief. He has ears that flop most of the time, he was skinny, his fur felt like a mixture of sandpaper and dirt. When you would pet him your hand would feel so gross. I had always dreamed of wanting a GSD they have always been my favorite breed and I was going to get one from a very good breeder.

Chief was typically locked in a crate that was way to small for him in a sun room or he was locked in the bathroom and was fed when they felt like walking down the stairs. He was refused contact from people when he was a puppy and an adult and he was beat. They asked me if I wanted him a few times. I said no only because Smokey was old and I just didn’t know how they would be together, but I finally said yes I would take him and then she kept changing her mind. The only reason she liked him was because he barked at the door. Other wise he was locked up or yelled at to go lay down. He didn’t know anything of a leash, treats, toys or anything when I got him. He had to learn everything. He was also scared of everything cans, bottles, hats, yelling, fast movements.

Smokey and Chief got along instantly. There was times where Chief tried to mount Smokey and Smokey snapped at him letting him know who was boss only when I wasn’t looking, but they were always laying by each other and Chief even got Smokey to play a couple times, but Smokey had never did with another dog. Chief was so beyond men aggressive when I got him It took me a very long time to get him over it. Just seeing a man from a long way away he would go nuts! He was also very very food aggressive. He still sometimes growl, but is much much better. Not long after I had Chief he was attacked by a mastiff/pit and it cut his ear pretty bad then he was scared of other dogs/aggressive of all dogs. He has times of submissive unination when I would come home. He would cower and shake and pee if I came near him. Sometimes he would do it other times not. It was random, so it was hard to get him over.

Training him was so so difficult, because I wasn’t really able to start training and he would completely shut down and start shaking. This was my biggest challenge. Sometimes he would stop it then it would come back again. He is over it and more excited to learn now.

Chief has taught me so much. He has taught me to be more patient and that he is his own dog. He is not Smokey and I need to treat him like Chief. He learns different and takes more time. He is really really really attached to me. More so now that Smokey passed. He is always laying by me. He was never very cuddly. Would lay with me for a little bit, but then lay on the floor by me, but he is now being more cuddly.

I love him very much and I am glad I have him. I don’t know what I would do now without him.”

Watch his video of his progress with training below.

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