Kilo is the Best Dancing Pug

Every day Kilo the Pug shows that Rescues Rock. Here is the Dancing Pug enjoying some 80’s tunes with Mom, channelling MJ. He even has white gloves.

Pugs just wanna have fun like Cindy and Mom.

Kilo dancing in black tie
He really has some cool moves.
Cindy Lauper
Mom got inspired for some Monday Mischief by an event at the Toronto Phoenix. She listened to and danced to lots of old faves with old friends including Cindy Lauper.
Susie and Sadra cropped
She and Kilo have very similar “paws up” style.
What mischief did you get up to this week? Do you love the 80’s tunes?Any faves?

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  • All Kilo needs now is four little white paw gloves to complete the look, lol!

  • Oh YES, we LOVE the 80s tunes! Let’s see, well, you’ve GOT to have Duran Duran, then there’s Van Halen, Psychedelic Furs, The Sundays. Goodness, we could go on all day!