Find out how I rescued my adorable mischievous little Kilo the Pug and how both our lives have improved. #RescuesRock

My adorable little Kilo the Pug (or pug mix) is a now a much loved member of the family, one of the stars of our Talent Hounds #RescuesRock Campaigns and the host of , 

Why was I thinking of Fostering or Rescuing a dog?
I have always had rescue dogs since Kim the terrier mix in Sydney, Australia when I was a child. When our gorgeous rescue dog Isabelle passed away in 2012 at almost 17, there was a huge hole in our family. She was the same age as my younger daughter so they had grown up together. 

After over a year grieving and much consideration, we decided to see about fostering a dog over the summer before my daughter went off to university as I knew several organizations really needed fosters.  She wanted a squishy faced dog like a Bulldog or Pug to cuddle.

Homeward Bound Rescue

I had met Homeward Bound Rescue, who specialize in squishy faces, through my work on Talent Hounds. We applied, had a home visit, then checked out their available dogs. We could not resist Kilo the Pug’s cute little black face and started fostering him August 4th, 2014. He had just turned two years old according to his papers.

Kilo the Pug

Kilo’s background was not entirely clear, but apparently he had already been through four homes in his two short years. We heard that his first owners were seniors who could not cope with him. They probably did not realize how much work and how demanding a little pug puppy would be.  He then passed to a teenager then a woman who developed health issues before arriving at his first foster home with Homeward Bound Rescue. 
Find out about adorable handsome little Rescue Kilo the Pug sitting here on the grass.
We were lucky number 5. When he arrived, he knew how to sit but that was about it. He bonded with me immediately and also with my daughters and other kids. He was not so keen on other dogs, cats or strangers, especially men. He was poorly house-trained, poorly socialized and very anxious and reactive. But boy was he cute.
Luckily Kilo is extremely food motivated and loves attention from me and others he knows.

Training Kilo
I had the vet check he had no health problems. We started training him immediately using positive reinforcement with treats, toys, praise and affection.  I had access to great trainers and resources through Talent Hounds. His transformation has been very rewarding for all of us.

Kilo needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation between snoozes. We walk, play and train for at least 10 mins every 2-3 hours most days with a couple of longer walks thrown in. We do shaping, luring, redirection, and conditioning and just have fun.
TH Kilo shake a paw
He is now crate trained,  toilet trained (mostly except in very wet or cold weather), and he knows lots of tricks.

He is the friendliest most affectionate funny little love bug at home, and even OK out and about most of the time (but he prefers familiar territory and is nervous of other dogs off leash). He lives on my lap or beside me on the sofa while I work. He absolutely loves pug hugs, massages, playing and posing for the camera (he associates cameras with treats and demands payment upfront).  There is nothing like his greetings when I walk through the front door or his kisses in the morning when he jumps on me looking for cuddles and breakfast. He is a great little ambassador for rescues. He even likes most strangers now if properly introduced with treats. 

We foster failed and adopted Kilo the Pug after a few months of course, as we realized he was in his forever home.  My kids call him “the favorite child”. His still has a little selective deafness but will always come to the words “Treat” and “Dinner Time” or the crackle of a bag. He begs for food and his “Drop It” is a work in progress and usually requires a trade. He thinks the postman is out to murder us all and it is his duty to defend us. He gets black hair over all the white sofas and beds. However the good far outweighs any bad. He makes our lives happier and richer every day. #Rescues Rock.

Kilo the Pug and Susie

 Do you have a dog in your life? Tell us in the comments.

You can also see more on Kilo’s story here on and here on Positively Woof rescue stories.
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  • Isn’t kilo so precious. Mam not a dog person BUT one of the breeds I absolutely adore is the PUG 🙂

    Maybe Kilo fancies a one way trip to New Zealand??? 😉

  • Thanks so much for sharing about Kilo as he is so cute and I love those squishy faces also. Layla is a rescue, have managed to piece together her background and it was not a good one but am so blessed to be able to give her all what she needs today, I always say the rescues really know they have been rescued and are safe and then their true personalities come out.

  • Aww, he is an adorable little guy and so lucky he’s found you. High food motivation makes for awesome training. I wish my girls were food motivated 🙂

  • What a cutie! We have a pug next door … man does it shed! LOL You found each other and that is the magic of rescue right? Glad it all worked out for Kilo. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Kilo is so cute! It sounds like he has a wonderful home that is a perfect fit for him. I just rescued my third dog and he sounds kinda like Kilo. His history is unknown and he does not have any training, but he is happy and friendly and we bonded with him quickly. Rescue dogs are just so sweet!

  • Thank you for sharing Kilo’s rescue story, and for adopting him. We love a happy rescue story! He sure hit the jackpot with you.

  • What a cutie little Kilo is. I say little although I’m bettin’ he’s at least my size, for sure. And boy-oh-boy does he EVER have the cutest floppy ears. PURRS

  • I’m so happy that Kilo found his way to you! Foster fails are really the ultimate success! It is great to know a little more about how he came into your life.

  • Wow, he is a very cute guy with such a sweet face! I think the biggest challenge with rescues is not really knowing what they have gone through before you meet them. I also think they seem more grateful than my other’s that I’ve had since they were puppies. They seem to love that they now have the good life!

  • Kamira 2 months ago

    Aww Kilo! Foster fail but totally worth it because you have a new family member and endless Love.

  • Kilo is adorable and I loved learning all about him. What a lucky boy to have you as his hu-mom! And yes, I have my FiveSibes in my life, and am so thankful for each of them! And I love the new song and video – such a pretty song!

  • Your pug boy is charming!! Thanks for telling about how you do physical and mental enrichment to help him have a happy life and behave well. (YAYDog Clare)

  • What an adorable foster fail. Look at that face in the last photo with you, too cute! So nice that you were his 5th time lucky and I’m sure he knows he hit the jackpot with this furever home.

  • I never knew Kilo’s adoption story! I’m so happy you found each other, it took 5 tries but he couldn’t have landed with a better Mama & family!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Lucky #5 for sure! Kilo was meant to be with you and your family.
    I have 3 dogs in my life, whippets named Zephyr, Milo, and Luke. Zephyr also was a rescue.

  • Yay for your foster fail! Sounds like Kilo the Pug is meant for you and no one else will do. I’m impressed that you can manage his requirement for payment up front for photos. Whenever I try that technique with Bernie or Lizzie, I lure them to the spot where I want them to sit, but as soon as I give them the treat, they move! LOL.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      LOL yes it’s a challenge-Kilo is pretty pushy about payment but he does love an audience so posing comes naturally. I always keep extra and taught him “wait” early on (that was really hard for him but he finally get’s that it is worth it as long as it is a short wait)

  • What a beautiful post and so happy Kilo ended up with you! Amos is our first dog and he also is a rescue dog. he is a lot of work but i wouldnt have it any other way!