Find out how adorable rescue puppy Tilley found love and stardom

 From Shelter Pup to Amazing Trick Dog.

In just two years, this  adorable little rescue puppy has gone from death row to love and local stardom.


Jess, Tilley’s manager and trainer, found Tilley on a website two years ago, at risk at a high kill shelter in California. She saw that sweet little face with those big brown eyes and hopped on a plane to save and adopt the six month old puppy.

Tilley and Jess

Training Tilley

Tilley loves to please and has always been very eager to learn. Jess started training Tilley immediately using positive reinforcement with a clicker or marker word and treats,. They like using the clicker as it is so quick and precise but sometimes you need both hands so saying “Yes” works too.
Tilley never gets punished for not getting a trick and Jess keeps training super fun.  I was impressed with how gentle and calm she is when working with Tilley.


Tilley picks up things very quickly. Often, she only has to be shown or rewarded once. Here is an example of one of her training videos on her YouTube Channel.
Jess  often uses “shaping” and encourages Tilley to offer new behaviours and rewards the ones she likes so Tilley learns to repeat them. Jess will place cups down, for example, and when Tilley paws them or picks them up, she is rewarded with a treat so she does it again when asked.
Tilley Does Tricks

Tilley Does Tricks

Jess uses very yummy treats as Kilo the Pug found out at Canadian Pet Expo. He was keen to do some tricks for her too and even gave Tilley a sniff which was quite a breakthrough for him. Eventually treats can be phased out, once Tilley understands a new behavior. She seems to really enjoy performing and posing for the camera with Jess.

Talent Hounds Canada 150- adorable Tilley

Tilley does Tricks with The WoofJocks Team 

Currently, Tilley performs with our talented pals the “WoofJocks Canine All Stars”.
Her specialties are tricks, freestyle, and weaving handstands. While other dogs do agility through the weave poles, she’ll actually do that in a handstand on her front paws.


Tilley’s is such an inspiring rescue story, and she is proof that #RescuesRock. They are not necessarily broken and can be trained with patience, hard work , love and treats.

Follow Tilley

 You can find her on Instagram @TilleyDoesTricks. She’s also on Facebook.

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  • When a dog is more flexible than you… hahahaha. Too cute!!

  • Love this story as rescues are the best and he is just adorable

  • So happy to hear Tilley was rescued. Wow so talented! I mean who can do a walking handstand to 17 seconds!!! Wow.

  • Love that weave handstand trick! I’m currently training Mr. N to do one, I’ll have to see if she has any tips.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Jess is the nicest and would definitely share tips. She had Kilo behaving in minutes with her gentle manner and good treats at the Expo with other dogs.

  • Tilley is so sweet! Although I think every adopted shelter dog a success story, hers is definitely special.

  • I’ve seen Woof Jacks many times – including most recently at the Ancaster Fair in Ontario. Love watching them. Not sure if I’ve seen Tilly but Jesse and Tilly look alike – I can see why she was attracted to the posted pic.

  • Tilley is a great trick dog! It’s so much fun to teach our dogs tricks. Not to mention they just love to work and have fun.

  • Tillie is such a great ambassador for rescue pets. What a smart cookie! I bet she could teach my dogs a thing or two.

  • Wow this is amazing to see. I can’t even DO a handstand anymore *grins* GO TILLY!!!!!!!

  • What a great story of rescue and the remarkable potential that is within all dogs with love and patience. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t the little Jack Russel on Frazier a rescue as well? Anyway, Tilly is adorable and I’m so happy he found Jess and what a great team they are for one another.

  • Tilly is awesome! So intelligent and fashionable too!

  • Tilley, you are just an impressively flexible pup! And adorable to boot, especially in your Canadian flag sunglasses and maple leaf scarf.

  • Tilley is so cute! Stories like hers always make me happy! She is very talented.

  • How wonderful Tilley found a great forever home. I love the amazing tricks she can perform!

  • Tilly has the most gorgeous brown eyes – so very wise and gentle. I am truly amazed at dogs like Tilly that learn such amazing tricks like handstands. It takes a long time for Ruby to learn tricks . We just taught her to spin in a circle and it took a LONG time and many treats.

  • I can’t wait to meet Tilley at one of your shows! Yay, a (rescue) star is born. She obviously loves to learn and has fun perform. Thank you for this heartwarming story. Such a cutie!

  • Way to go, Tilley! We wish all shelter pets could have the same opportunity at Tilley. We bet there’s a lot of talented pets waiting for forever homes! Not to mention how much love they are waiting to give to people.

  • Tilley is an amazing pup! So many great tricks! I wish I knew more tricks! 🙂

  • Oh my! Tilley looks like she has fun doing tricks with her owner! I’m so glad she found someone to love her

  • Tilley is so talented! Dogs are truly amazing. They can learn to do anything when the proper techniques are used. I love Tilley’s photo with all of his Canadian gear. She looks very proud of her Canadian heritage. 🙂