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How to find hope with Lucy and Wheeler the special rescue dogs #rescuesrock
Our inspirational rescue dogs of the day are Lucy and Wheeler from the Special Dogs Blog #RescuesRock. The two live together with Melyssa, who shows amazing patience and dedication towards her special needs pals. She suits them up in adorable outfits, diapers and mobility gear, and gives them the kind of happy life that all dogs deserve. Like our lovely friend Smiley the Therapy Dog (RIP), Lucy and Wheeler are helping shed the stigma regarding adopting dogs with special needs as they are such happy, friendly, loving companions.

Meet Lucy

Lucy @specialdogsblog

Lucy at the Christmas Canadian Pet Expo

Lucy is a beautiful two-year-old Goldendoodle with hind-end paralysis. Melyssa found Lucy from a post on Facebook: Taking care of her was too much for the previous owners . They had limited experience and her condition was deteriorating so Melyssa took Lucy in and immediately got her all sorts of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and medical care. Unfortunately one leg could not be saved. At first glance, Lucy might seem hopelessly disabled but it’s not the case. She has one back leg that rarely moves, but, as Melyssa says, “she is a little bullet” scooting around using the strength of her front legs. Lucy is healthy and absolutely loves life. She is truly special. She enjoys fashion shows, pet expos, interacting with people and, of course, treats.
Melyssa says that kids love Lucy, since she has a ton of energy and is basically a kid herself. They get to see it is OK to be different.
Kids often ask why she wears a diaper. She can not go potty by herself and has leaks so this keeps things clean. Plus the diaper protects her as she drags her hind quarters around when she is out of the wheelchair.
Celebrity dogs Mr.Marcel, Lucy-and-Wheeler-posing-at-booth-at-the-Canadian-Pet-Expo

Celebrity dogs Mr.Marcel, Lucy and Wheeler posing at the Canadian Pet Expo

Meet Wheeler

Wheeler is a seven-year-old snoodle (schnauzer-poodle mix) with a neurological disorder and an underdeveloped spinal cord, but that doesn’t stop him! His former owner was unable to pay for vet bills or continue caring for a special needs dog while moving and having a newborn. She found that no one wanted to take on the responsibility of Wheeler due to his issues, so finding a rescue was the next best option. After months of trying to re-home him with little success, things looked really bleak. Luckily Melyssah, a wonderful rescuer and rehabilitator, was not going to sit by and watch a super happy-go-lucky dog like Wheeler be put down. She worked hard and rasied funds to help him. Melyssa puts him in a special wheelchair that lets him run around like any other dog. He’s a little slower than his sister, but his tail is always wagging and he’s always happy. He has a calm disposition that helps him be a friend to lots of kids, especially those with autism and other disorders.

“They are my daily inspiration,” says Melyssa, and we’re not surprised. Lucy and Wheeler are just two examples of the hope and opportunity that can come from adopting a special-needs pup. They need a little extra care, but they give back tons of love and inspiration in return.
Community donations and help from a heroic foundation for dogs with special needs called Bialy’s Wellness Foundation are something this fur-team depend on strongly, as without this help the struggle to pay vet bills for the family would be too overwhelming.
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