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All About Dogs has a spacious 14,000 sq foot facility located in Toronto, with 2 large training halls and a dedicated puppy training room, all equipped with sports flooring for cushion and traction. All About Dogs assists pet owners in raising and training dogs through informative and interactive training programs from early socialization to adulthood as positive training is the best way to create a happy and confident dog who understands what is expected of him.

Head trainer and program director Renee deVilliers has developed a highly successful reward based program. It is derived from learning theory and behavioural science and is humane, practical and effective. Training and behaviour problems are resolved without punishment-based techniques, as those techniques commonly result in fear, aggression, or deterioration of the bond between dog and owner.

“Let us help you bring out the best in your dog!”- Renee

We love Renee’s gentle nature and care she takes with animals. Check out her guest posts on the blog for Training Tuesday.

Dog Training Tips by Renee deVilliers:

Dog Behaviour Issues – Focus and Self-Control

Puppy Training Tips

All programs provide an opportunity for recreational and social activities that benefit dogs and their owners.

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