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Canine Campus, owned by top trainer Lucinda Glenny CPDT-KA, was awarded Top Training Facility Markham area 2011 and serves Markham, Stouffville, Richmond Hill and Thornhill. The facility provides award-winning dog training classes, in-home behavior consults, and doggie daycare.  Glenny specializes in anxiety and aggression issues, and Canine Campus has been consistently recommended by breeders and vets to help solve the most difficult situations. Every dog deserves the best and Canine Campus is committed to providing individual attention, with a maximum of 30 dogs per day in doggie daycare and no more than 8 for every dog training class.

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“Positive reinforcement and humane training methods is our golden rule.   We don’t need force to train a happy working dog!” – Lucinda

Since meeting Lucinda and filming our auditions for the Talent Hounds doc at the campus, she has guest posted on the site for Training Tuesday.

Dog Training Tips by Lucinda Glenny:

Puppy Training Tips: RECALL 

Early Socialization for Dogs

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