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gillian ridgeway

Gillian Ridgeway is the Director and lead trainer of Who’s Walking Who Dog Training Centers serving the greater GTA since 1989 with it’s three locations. We first met Gillan during our shoot at the Ajax location of Who’s Walking Who for the first Talent Hounds doc.

See Behind the Scenes at Who’s Walking Who

Dog Trainer Gillian Ridgeway

Gillian Ridgeway, Owner and Lead Trainer on set at Who’s Walking Who for the Talent Hounds doc.

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“I do believe there is simply no substitute for experience.  There should be no reprimand before education. Dogs, and their people should be taught using motivational and respectful techniques.  In this way, we will continue to capture the joy of our dogs. And isn’t that what living with a dog is all about.” -Gillian

Since filming for the doc, Gillian has made several guest training posts on the blog.

Dog Training Tips By Gillian Ridgeway:

How To House Train Your Puppy

Gillian Ridgeway- Lie down on a mat, stay

Have FUN Walking your Dog!

How to Socialize Your Puppy

Training A Puppy To Stop Attention Seeking Habits

There is simply no substitute for experience. Gillian and her team of trainers are amazing. Many of travel and perform with renowned acts like The SuperDogs or WoofJocks Performance team. You can trust your pet is in good hands whether your training for sport or fun.

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