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How To Stop Attention Seeking Habits In Puppies

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Dog Training Tips to Prevent Your Puppy from Jumping Up, Barking and Nipping. Our friend and amazing dog trainer, Gillian Ridgeway  from Who's Walking Who, shares great tips on how to begin training a puppy to s...

How To Solve These Common Dog Training Issues

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Training Your Puppy or DogHave you ever wondered why your dog behaves they way he does? Or maybe you just got a new puppy and don't know where to start with training. Today we explore the most common dog trainin...

How To Teach Your Dog “The Limp” Trick!

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How To Teach Your Dog "The Limp" Trick! An advanced dog trick sure to impress!The more you teach a dog, the better your dog will become at learning in the future and the tighter your bond will get.The "Limp...

How to Teach Dogs Focus and Self-Control

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How To Teach Dogs Focus and Self-Control Working on Dog Behaviour Issues with An Expert I started fostering Kilo the Pug 9 months ago.  He was very cute and healthy, but he was not perfect. He arrived with a few dog...

Do You Challenge Your Dogs With Stimulating Dog Toys and Dog Games?

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Keep Your Dogs Happy and Healthy With Stimulating Dog Toys and Dog Games? BUSTER ActivityMat Product Review I can't believe it. Toronto got what seemed like another foot of snow and I had to scrape the car off to ge...

Dog Training Tips: Good Versus Bad Puppy Play

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Dog Training Tips: Good Versus Bad Puppy PlayPuppy training can be challenging and time-consuming, but consistent positive training and early socialization are key.Getting a new puppy may seem like a dauntin...

Dogs 101 – What is Dog Agility?

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Dogs 101 - What is agility? Dogs and their skillsDog agility is a sport that combines both accuracy and coordination. It involves a tricky obstacle course that your dog must complete, and the course is so compl...

How To Train Your Dog: Positive Reinforcement vs. Alpha Dog

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Are Positive Reinforcement Or Alpha Dog Training Methods Best? Should Training Your Dog Be All Fun and Games For You and Your Dog? We have been blown away by how much fun people are having with their dogs. To...