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Everything You Need to Know if You Missed Westminster 2017

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Talent Hounds Roundup of 2017’s Westminster Dog Show Winners:I was so disappointed that my flights from Toronto got canceled because of huge snow storms and then I had a health issue so I did not attend The 141s...

What Are The World’s Most Intelligent Dog Breeds, And Why?

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Does your dog make the list? I am always inspired by the incredibly smart dogs we know and the difference they each make in somebody's life. Have you ever wondered exactly how smart your dogs is and what they are cap...

How Amazing Drug Detection Dog’s Make A Difference

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How Amazing Drug Detection Dog's Make A Difference In our original documentary film, Talent Hounds, we explored the many evolving talents and roles dogs play in society. We are inspired by the incredible time and eff...

Scary or Cute? Do Dogs Behave The Way They Look?

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Scary or Cute?Do Dogs Always Behave The Way They Look? How much does the Media actually influence our thoughts about certain dog breeds? We work in media producing Films, TV series, YouTube Videos, Blogs,...