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What Are The World’s Most Intelligent Dog Breeds, And Why?

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The World's Most Intelligent Dog Breeds: Does your dog make the list? I am always inspired by the incredibly smart dogs we know and the difference they each make in somebody's life. Have you ever wondered exactly ho...

How To Make Dog-Friendly Puppy Love Cookies

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How To Make Dog-Friendly Labrador Retriever Cookies - DOG LICKS Recipe What Is The Most Popular Pet In The US? The Labrador Retriever’s dependable and loving nature has helped to make them one of the most popular ...

Scary or Cute? Do Dogs Behave The Way They Look?

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Scary or Cute? Do Dogs Always Behave The Way They Look? How much does the Media actually influence our thoughts about certain dog breeds? We work in media producing Films, TV series, YouTube Videos, Blogs,...

Top Instagram Dogs You Need To Follow

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Canadian Celebrity Dogs We Love We love Instagram and follow over 3,000 pals from all around the world. Today we wanted to highlight famous dog stars from Ontario.  Some of these wonderful dogs will be attending ...

Adorable Service Puppies- Future Life Savers

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Adorable Service Puppies- Future Lifesavers Life is definitely way better for many people with a Service Dog. Service Dogs can help kids with autism, the physically impaired, people with PTSD and even people with ill...

Looking for Love? 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

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Are You Looking for Love? 10 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds Valentine's Day is only a couple of weeks away so the pressure to find the perfect date is on for many. Personally, a good glass of wine, great food, a g...

National Service Dogs For Autism Featured on Talent Hounds

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National Service Dogs for Autism Improve Lives of Families Dogs Working to help Families April is Autism Awareness Month so we wanted to focus on some wonderful Talented Hounds and people we met through National...