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How To Stop Attention Seeking Habits In Puppies

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Dog Training Tips to Prevent Your Puppy from Jumping Up, Barking and Nipping. Our friend and amazing dog trainer, Gillian Ridgeway  from Who's Walking Who, shares great tips on how to begin training a puppy to s...

How To Solve These Common Dog Training Issues

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Training Your Puppy or DogHave you ever wondered why your dog behaves they way he does? Or maybe you just got a new puppy and don't know where to start with training. Today we explore the most common dog trainin...

Why Socializing Your Puppy Is So Important

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Give Your Dog The Gift Of Confidence by Socializing Them WellCaring for my foster pug Kilo, I can not emphasize enough the importance of early and appropriate socialization for Dogs.It is so hard to undo...

Adorable Service Puppies- Future Life Savers

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Adorable Service Puppies- Future Lifesavers Life is definitely way better for many people with a Service Dog. Service Dogs can help kids with autism, the physically impaired, people with PTSD and even people with ill...

20 Puppies Who Are Just Too Cute

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20 Puppies Who Are Just Too Cute  Photos of Cute Puppies Guaranteed to Make You SmileLooking at photos of cute puppies can definitely improve your mood.Who doesn't love puppies with their big eyes and vulne...

20 Most Popular Dog Names

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 20 Most Popular Dog Names Most Popular Dog Names on Talent Hounds Did you recently get a new puppy or dog? How exciting!But first things first.... Choosing a name for your dog can be a challenge. Maybe not as m...