Talent Hounds Release – Permission to Use Media



By agreeing to this Release and Consenting to have Hop To It Productions (The Producer) film and upload your video or photo and/or by uploading your video link, or photo of you and/or your dog on the website www.talenthounds.ca, you understand that your name, likeness, voice, performance and poses and those of your dog/s are being recorded by Hop To It Productions Inc.  (the “Producer”) on video cameras (the “Videos”) and by still cameras (the “Photos”) and being displayed on the internet including, without limitation, voice, conversation, and sounds.  You understand that the Videos, Photos and material recorded and/or uploaded may be used for publicity, television show/s, DVDs, videos, public service announcements, Internet, mobile, print, merchandise and all other media and means of exploitation.

You agree that the Producer shall be the exclusive owner of the results and proceeds of such Videos, Photos and recordings filmed by Producer and that Producer has the right to use any video or photo uploaded to www.talenthounds.ca with the right, throughout the world, in perpetuity, to copyright, to use and to license others to use such Videos, Photos and recordings without any restrictions, in any and all manner and media and by any means of exploitation.

For clarity, the rights granted to the Producer shall include the exclusive right to produce one or more television series incorporating the Videos, Photos and/or recordings, sound recordings (such term includes any device by which sound may be recorded for later transmission to listeners), computer, multimedia and interactive products and other products and merchandise of any kind or incorporating the Videos, Photos and/or recordings (all of the foregoing collectively referred to as the “Creative Product”) and to exploit the Creative Product throughout the universe in perpetuity in all languages versions and in all manner and media of communication and trade whatsoever now known or in the future developed.

In addition, you hereby grant to the Producers the right to use the name of your dog, your name or user name, likeness and agreed biographical material in connection with any series or Creative Product and/or the business of the Producers, their affiliates, licensees and/or assigns unless specifically excluded. The Producers shall have the right to assign or license this Consent and Release or any of their rights or obligations under this Consent and Release to any other person or entity.

You agree that you shall receive no further compensation in connection with the Creative Product or the rights granted under this Consent and Release.

You absolve the Producer of any and all liability in connection with the Videos, Photos, recordings, or my performance under this Consent and Release, and any rehearsals related to such performance. You hereby release and hold harmless the Producer, their contractors, agents, directors, shareholders and employees from and against all causes of action, suits, liability, claims and demands whatsoever which you may have or which your heirs, executors, personal representative or assigns or any of them shall have arising out of the use of the Videos, Photos or recordings by the Producers, their agents, successors, licensees and assigns.

You grant to the Producers complete discretion in how they edit and use the Videos, Photos and recordings, including but not limited to how they juxtapose any part of the Videos, Photos and recordings with any other film, change the sequences of events, questions posed and/or answers or dramatize persons or events featured in the Videos, Photos or recordingsand how they choose to interrupt the Videos, Photos or recordingswith commercial breaks or sponsorship, if applicable, and the timing and content of such commercial breaks or sponsorship messages.   You acknowledge that Producer is under no obligation to use the Videos, Photos or recordings or to incorporate them in any Creative Product.

You hereby warrant that you are the legal owner or authorized representative of the dog depicted in the photo or video, that any submitted photo or video of your dog is original, that you are the author and owner of the photo or video unless the photo or video was taken by the Talent Hounds Crew (as described in the Casting Call Guidelines), and that you do have the right to use, disseminate, publish, distribute the photo or video and that you are not violating any laws or third-party rights.

You warrant that you are over the age of 18 years and have every right to contract in your own name in the above regard.  You execute this Consent and Release freely and voluntarily with full understanding of its contents. You do not rely upon any representations made by the Producers other than as specifically set forth in this Consent and Release. The terms of this Consent and Release shall be binding upon me, my heirs, executors, personal representatives and assignees.

You give Hop To It Productions the right to use the photos and videos and  recognize that Talent Hounds, its parent and affiliated companies, and their representatives assume no responsibility for the use and dissemination of the photo. You, or your parent/legal guardian if you are a minor, agree to reimburse Talent Hounds, its parent and affiliated companies, and their representatives an amount corresponding to any expenses incurred from any claims or court cases resulting from the use and dissemination of your photo. You, or your parent/legal guardian if you are a minor, recognize that Talent Hounds cannot be held responsible for, namely but not limited to, any contraventions of the present Casting Call Rules, and/or of the conditions of use by visitors of the www.talenthounds.ca Website or Talent Hounds YouTube Channel/s or Facebook Page/s, and/or for any comments made by the visitors of these Websites on your photo or video and/or your participation and number of Likes/Loves or Views you obtain.

You give Talent Hounds, its parent and affiliated companies, and their representatives, the right and irrevocable license to use, reproduce, disseminate, publish, distribute, represent publically, edit and modify the photo or video of your dog around the world and in perpetuity, with no remuneration whatsoever and, where appropriate, for all purposes related to Talent Hounds activities, including but not limited to, dissemination through various media, namely the television documentary and supporting broadcast promotions, the website, YouTube Channel and Facebook page of Talent Hounds.

You agree that your first and last names as well as the Profile of your dog may be used in association with the submitted photo or video.

By clicking “yes” in the box online, you agree to this Declaration of Consent and Permission to Use Media.

No photos or videos may be uploaded or displayed unless you have ticked ” Yes”

Please delete your profile and notify The Producer immediately in the event that you do not want your video or photo/s or information to appear online or in other media including the documentary and music video or have any issue with the above Release and Permission to Use Media.