You’ll be thrilled by what these talented dogs can do!

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Sara and Hero the Super Collie appear in Amazing Dog Tricks Video at Canadian Pet Expo

Sara and Hero the Super Collie

More than 20 dogs show off their skills in this amazing dog tricks video filmed at the Canadian Pet Expo. They were such a talented group of dogs and trainers, all using positive reinforcement.


It is always so much fun showing what hard work, courage, commitment, training and positive reinforcement can do.

I must admit, I was dazzled by all the performances and am loving the photos and videos. I am inspired to keep training little Kilo the foster Pug.

TH talented Noodles the Wonder Dog in the ring at Canadian Pet Expo 2015

Noodles the Wonder Dog

We had Ambassador and Mentor Sara and Hero the Super Collie, as well as Lottie, Grizzly, Rev, Linzy, Sweetie, Shivers, Kowboy Fred, Kallie, Arthur, Lady Bug, Comanche, Mia, Mickey, Buster, Harley, Vegas and Noodles the WonderDog.

Thank you so much and thanks to Pet Valu and The Pet Network for supporting. Thanks too for all the individual dog sponsors and audience cheering our stars on.

Amazing tricks by talented dogs
Amazing tricks by talented dogs

This video showcases the amazing talented dogs that performed with Talent hounds at the Canadian Pet Expo including Hero the Border Collie, Lottie, Noodles the Wonder Dog, Rev, Linzy, Sweetie, Shivers, Arthur, Harley, Mickey, Kowboy Fred, Mia, Comanche and more

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