Don’t miss the amazing trick dog Hero the Super Collie on the America’s Got Talent Live Show Tuesday night!

Exclusive news on Talented Sara and Superstar Hero as they make it big on America's Got Talent

We are so excited that our talented friends, Sara Carson and Superstar Hero the Super Collie, will be on the next episode of America’s Got Talent on Tuesday, August 29th! We will be watching and cheering them on. What a dream come true and so well deserved.  See an exclusive behind the scenes video on Hero below. They are in LA working on their routine which should wow the world again!


The Super Collies have spent the summer travelling and performing across America and Canada, and preparing for the live Quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent. See travel tips and stories on our sister site The Backseat Barkers.

Hero practising for the Live quarterfinals show of America's Got Talent

We can’t wait to see what they do next but Sara says it will be their best show yet.

Hero The Super Collie and Sara

You have probably seen The Super Collies featured on The Backseat Barkers and Talent Hounds, as well as on The Late Show with David Letterman, Ellen and more. With a name like Hero, it’s no surprise that this talented border collie is bounding into stardom! He is certainly our Hero.


Border Collies are some of the most intelligent and highly trainable dogs in the world. The breed dominates at tricks shows and athletic competitions and Hero is one of the best we know.

Trainer Sara Carson has been working with him since he was just a puppy. She has become one of the most sought after and talented dog trainers in the world and she instantly knew the adorable Hero would be the perfect partner to work with.


It wasn’t long before he showed just how talented he is: Hero became the world’s youngest champion trick dog at just 4 months old, with an impressive repertoire of 60 tricks! Since then he has won lots of awards.

Superstar Hero the Super Collie with his awards

We have been following his career since the beginning as it was amazing to see such an adorable pup be so attentive and focused during his routines. He has really turned their world upside down.


He’s good at jumping rope.

Superstar Hero the Super Collie makes Sara's heart skip skipping rope.

Hero is now 5 years old, 6 on September 3 and we hope he’ll be celebrating advancing on AGT with lots of games and treats. He now knows over 400 tricks and actions. This amazing dog can do just about any trick you can imagine, and then some!

Superstar Hero the Super Collie

Hero is known for his dancing although he does occasionally step on Sara’s toes LOL.


We asked Hero how he keeps in top shape.

Hero the Super Collie with Nulo food

He eats a healthy diet. He is sponsored by Nulo.

He loves running, jumping, catching discs, dock diving, agility, hiking, performing and more. He is a super athlete.


Hero On America’s Got Talent

Sara Carson gets a hug from Simon Cowell after america's got talentNow all his hard work is paying off big time! Superstar Hero the Border Collie has made it through the early rounds of the hit TV series America’s Got Talent to the live quarterfinals.

See our article about the nail biting auditions and how Sara’s life changed in a day HERE. Sara and Hero showed off incredible tricks, including a full on sword fight! The performance was so impressive that Simon Cowell, the ultimate judge to win over, gave Sara a hug on stage and asked Howie to put them through!

Sara and Hero the Super Collie ready for AGT- make sure to vote

The next quarterfinals live show will air on Tuesday, August 29th and we’re marking it on our calendars!

We have no doubt he’ll stand out amongst the tough competition as he was born and trained to be a star. This is an incredible opportunity for Hero and Sara and we are so excited! Make sure to tune in on Tuesday and vote for them.

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We hope you’ll be cheering Superstar Hero the Super Collie on too! Let’s VOTE!!!!!!!!

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  • I love dog freestyle routines! I hope they win! Might have to set the DVR for this.

  • We’ll be sure watch their performance. Such dedication by Hero and Sara! It’s no wonder they are in the quarterfinals. Hard work always pays off!

  • I’ve been watching Hero on AGT and cheering them on! Such a great pair, and ambassador dog and trainer for our world!

  • Go Hero and Sara! Definitely will watch their performance and cheer for them!

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  • I’ve enjoyed watching their routines. I don’t think I can catch their next performance live but I’ll be sure to watch it later on Youtube.

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  • What an amazing duo! They definitely deserve to win!

  • These two certainly are a dynamic duo! I’m sure they’ll win on America’s Got Talent.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • I’m setting my DVR now to record this episode of America’s Got Talent. Can’t miss this. Thanks so much for sharing and wishing all the best to the amazing duo, Hero and Sara!

  • I haven’t been watching AGT, and now I wish I was. I’ll have to tune in to cheer them on.

  • LOVE IT! We saw Hero and Sara on America’s Got Talent and recognized them right away (I’ve been following them on Instagram for a long time. Such an amazing duo!

  • I love them and have been cheering for them throughout the season. They’re a great team and have an incredible bond. Let’s vote for them Tuesday night to keep them in for the next round!

  • We’re pulling for Hero and Sara. I remember when Simon helped save her on AGT.

  • It is so exciting to see them perform! I always smile when I see them, good luck to them tomorrow!

  • Eeee this is so exciting! I absolutely love watching them!

  • So cool! I haven’t heard of Hero until now, but now that I know about hero, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for both dog and human! Border Collies are simply amazing and it’s wonderful to see such a great bond between the dog and their human/trainer. I hope they continue forward on America’s Got Talent!