How To Make Delicious Homemade Dog Treats that Look Like Dogs



With all the wonderful Holiday Occasions, are you inspired to make something special for your special family member?

Let us show you how to make delicious homemade Dog Treats and Dog Food with Our DOG LICKS RECIPE BOOKLET GIVEAWAY.

What is the Dog Licks Homemade Dog-friendly Recipe Series?

I love looking at dogs faces and I found that my friends and kids do too. In our house, we like to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other special occasions and include Kilo the Pug.

As I enjoy cooking and creating, I started making hot dogs, ice cream, cupcakes, and cookies that the whole family could eat and I made them all look like cute dogs. Then I went crazy with the theme and made fruit, fried eggs, toast, crackers, rice, sushi burgers, pumpkin, sweet potato, mashed potato and more. I had so much fun, people thought they were adorable and Kilo loved everything so much I decided to make videos and the recipe series.

All our original DOG LICKS recipes are easy to make, DIY, dog-friendly, and look like dogs. Our recipes are perfect for parties or any special event you may be planning for your fur kids or kids. We try to use limited ingredients and healthy options, for example, less sugar than some commercial cookies and carob versus chocolate. The recipes can be adjusted to suit your dog’s or family’s tastes or needs (eg Gluten free, dairy free and fruit or veggies versus kibble for decoration).

We just finished 4 recipes for the Holidays – I think the Turkey Kilo’s favorite recipe and it can be a great way to use up turkey leftovers (just substitute for the raw mince)



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