Dog Lovers Treats and More Presents A Fabulous New Holiday Gift for Dogs – Unboxing

Do you buy your dog gifts for Christmas or other holidays?  I do.  I am always looking for the perfect holiday gift for dogs and my dog-loving friends. Can you believe Christmas is only a few weeks away? Yikes- time to get organized.

Dog Lovers Treats and More Holiday Treats Box is the perfect holiday gift for dogs


I like the convenience and discounts of shopping online. However, I do not like surprises when shopping for Kilo the Pug. He is a small lap dog and gains weight easily so I am pretty picky about what I give him. I research his food and treats. He usually enjoys healthy, low-fat, grain-free options with occasional indulgences.

I was thrilled to hear that my all time favorite brands and generous sponsors of my Rescues Rock and Fit Dogs Rock series and other charitable projects, Bullwrinkles and Dog Lovers Days, have created a fabulous new Gift Box for the holidays in Canada- The Dog Lovers Treats and More Holiday Treat Box .

They are offering it for sale online at an INCREDIBLE PRICE of $39.99 (plus HST) INCLUDING shipping for a limited time.


I immediately called Mark, the man behind Dog Lovers Treats and More and Dog Lovers Days, and asked if Kilo and I could be official testers and ambassadors for the holiday boxes and future products. He agreed and so I jumped in my car and drove out to meet him at the Eurocan (Bullwrinkles) factory. We discussed the launch of the Holiday Gift Box and I was given one for me plus some extra product to give away. I also agreed on a small fee to help create their website and make some promotional materials. Woohoo! Win Win.


I have been several times before to the Eurocan factory which is located about and hour and a half outside of Toronto. I have seen how they make and package their products. I am always impressed with the attention to food safety, sourcing, and quality (Mark and I had to wear head hair nets and jackets to avoid any contamination). I love the fact that there are no added ingredients or preservatives and many products are single ingredients and high in protein like the Bullwrinkles Bully Stick from the Box in Kilo’s mouth above. He LOVES Bullwrinkles and chewing them is really good for his teeth and mood – see his previous review here.
Mark and I took the products from one box and made up a beautiful gift basket for the photo below.

What Was Inside My Dog Lovers Treats and More Holiday Gift Box for Dogs?

Kilo could not believe his good fortune when I got home and asked him to try a few things. He even dressed up for the fun in his new Christmas Bow Tie from the Holiday Gift Box. I think he would have liked to eat the lot immediately.
He got to try a taste of the NatuRAWls Duck treats which were new to him but will definitely be on the training rewards menu going forward. 
kilo-the-pug-licking-his-lips-after-eating-naturawls-from-dog-lovers-treats and more gift-box

Lip smacking good!

He also loved the Barnsdale Farms Chicken Jerky and his absolute fave was the very high-value Smoked Bacon (he only gets tiny bits for special rewards or super stressful situations).

Did you say #BACON?

I decided I would make up a basket for Kilo for under the Christmas tree, a Box for a GIVE-AWAY and a box to give to a rescue. There were also some samples for Aria and Beau the Frenchie to try and my business partner Nina for Rocky the Rescue to try. I will be ordering a box for a friend with dogs as we are going to her place for dinner right before Christmas and it is always hard to think of a good gift. This way I don’t even have to leave the house as I can order online which is super convenient and I know I am getting a great deal.
kilo-the-pug unboxing his perfect holiday gift for dogs from dog-lovers-treats-and-more

Buy Your Dog or the Dog Lovers in your Life the Perfect Gift

Until December 15th, you can buy this amazing Holiday Treat Box at the reduced price of  ONLY $39.99 plus HST and Free Shipping by clicking HERE.

Comment Below If You Get Your Dog Holiday Gifts and If you have Any Great Gift Ideas.

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  • That looks like a pawesome box of Christmas goodies!!! We’re sorry to see it’s only available in Canada, but at the same time we’re happy to see that there IS a great box available for our Canadian friends now!

  • That looks like a pretty cool gift pack! I would imagine dogs will be going bonkers this holiday receiving these packages. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love getting gift baskets for the holidays. And one for a dog is such a cute idea!

  • kelly 1 year ago

    Oh Kilo you are so adorable in your bow tie! That’s quite a gift box there, and it looks like you enjoyed your treat!

  • What a basket! Love it. Kilo is such a handsome model! We sure do get the FiveSibes holiday gifts! It’s so fun to watch them open. They love treats and stuffie toys! They sure would love this basket! How wonderful of you to host this! Happy Howlidays!

  • Oh my gosh, so many wonderful goodies! I could see my girls loving this!

  • Oh my, don’t let Magic see this or he’ll be drooling for sure!

  • What an excellent selection, looks amazing. The dogs will go crazy! Makes a nice gift to donate to a shelter as well.

  • I love this company! And all their shows. Plus, they’ve included my fav dog accessory maker – Handmade in the Hammer – in their kit. Too cool.

  • WOW that looks like an awesome box, enjoy and have fun

  • Another reason to move to Canada! It looks like a wonderful collection of treats.

  • Oh man. My dogs were totally checking out this post as I was reading it haha. They told me they definitely want this basket for Christmas

  • Even if my little dude wouldn’t eat most of the treats (he is SUCH a snob!) I think this basket would make for a GREAT gift to any dog lover in your life! Or for a silent auction of something – so many this time of year. Great products.

  • That last picture of Kilo with his basket is SO ADORABLE!! The Dog Lovers Treat and Holiday Gift Box looks pretty amazing!

  • I reckon who ever gets one of thse will be the world’s most spoiled dog – definitely!!!!!

    Hey I want to be a dog too!!!! *jealous*

  • First of all! How happy is Kilo in these pics! I love that Kilo is an official tester and ambassador for the holiday boxes and future products! Walter or Shermie would like to help Kilo try out all those awesome treats in that box — love this.

  • This box caught our attention when you tweeted it out – we love all of the goodies, makes a perfect Christmas gift for the pups!

  • What a great box of Christmas goodies for dogs!

  • I have not heard of some of these brands. I love learning new products and seeing goodies to give to friends for the holidays. Looks fantastic.

  • What an awesome holiday gift box for dogs – the cats are green with envy.

  • Mr. N is envious. He wants to know if Kilo will share?

  • The bowtie is too cute for me to handle!

  • A basket of quality goodies is always a great gift idea for any dog! This one is so nice, it’s really packed with great stuff. I just love Kilo in his bow tie, so cute! Too bad it’s only available in Canada, I know a lot of American doggies that would drool over this.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • What a pawsome box of goodies for dogs. This would make a lot of dogs happy

  • Muffii said she would love PUPPY CLAUSE to bring her some treats and says thank you she has been a very god girl all year and listens to everything momma ask’s of her <3