Great Summer #SurfNTurf Kurgo Giveaway

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Welcome to the Kurgo #SurfNTurf giveaway that we’re co-hosting with DogTipper.

Along with some other great blogs, we’re giving away a Kurgo Surf ‘N Turf Dog Life Jacket to keep your dog safe this summer (and dry this fall and winter!)

Swimming can be great low impact exercise. Read our article on Swimming For Dogs Here

As pugs put on weight easily, get too hot in summer easily, and can’t run far, swimming might seem like a good option. However, not all dogs are good swimmers; dogs like Kilo the Pug, with large heads and big chests, often have trouble swimming.  I am afraid Kilo would sink like a stone if he fell into a lake or a pool. He has been playing in his very shallow tub pool on the back deck for treats and toys.

Even good swimmers, human or animal,  can tire in the water – or need help staying afloat if injured.

I am going north this weekend to a friend’s house on Lake Muskoka.  I have not taken Kilo on any trips yet, as he is still anxious and reactive with dogs and strangers. He doesn’t like water much so far, and I get nervous about heat, ticks and mosquitoes. To date, I have always thought that he would be happier and safer at home. However, Kilo’s usual babysitter is not available. Other family members have also bailed. Our host loves dogs and has a new puppy. The house is large, puppy proofed and air conditioned. So I am thinking maybe we should try our first lake adventure with him there.

The safest way to keep your dog safe around water is with a dog life jacket. I usually wear a life jacket when I’m in a boat or kayak and so I want to have one for Kilo if we take him up to the lake.

If your dog will be on a dock, swimming in the sea or lake with you, or even swimming in your backyard pool, a life jacket is important as well.

Dog in Surf_N_Turf_Life jacket in water

I have been researching, and I like the Kurgo products I have seen (I have also been looking at their car harnesses). Kurgo’s Surf ‘n Turf Life Jacket works with your dog’s own natural buoyancy to keep him safe in the water. Two handles help you pull your dog from the water while two d-rings make it easy to snap on your leash.

The machine washable vest also serves as great all-weather gear; you can remove the flotation insert and use the jacket as a raincoat or lightweight jacket when the weather turns cool.

We’re joining in a group giveaway for the Surf ‘N Turf Life Jacket! One lucky reader will win their choice of five sizes to best fit their dog (I am sad I can’t win, but thrilled to be offering the chance to others).

How to Enter

You’ll enter in the widget below. One winner will be selected at random; Kurgo will ship the prize directly to the winner. This giveaway is open to readers in the USA and Canada. Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway prize is sponsored by Kurgo; the company will ship the prize directly to the winner. All opinions and statements are entirely my own. We are also joining Fit Dog Friday. Keep fit and keep safe this summer

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  • Honey has a Kurgo life jacket and we love it. (I’ll be posting my giveaway post tonight).

    The tricky thing about life jackets is that they are very hard to fit–even when you get the measurements. So if you are thinking of getting a jacket for Kilo to keep him safe, you might want to get shopping. Sometimes it takes a few jackets to find the right fit.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks- Yes – we have already tried one or two jackets and no luck so far- too small or too long. His body shape is tricky, plus he hates wearing jackets. Good news though. I put out a tiny paddle pool (only an inch deep to start). I had some of his toys in it and treats and he eventually stood and played in it (and drank it).

  • Lolly68 2 years ago

    My dog loves the water but he wouldn’t be able to swim for a very long distance. He loves to go out on the water but I worry as I don’t feel safe allowing him very far without a life jacket.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      That sounds like sensible risk management- having fun but keeping him safe. Good luck, maybe you’ll win one for him. XS

  • My two dogs swim quite well but they don’t really like the water.

  • We love Kurgo stuff and these life jackets are a great idea!

  • Kaitlin Jenkins 2 years ago

    One of my dogs is a great swimmer, the other…not so much 🙂

  • Very cool, a doggie life jacket. I wish my dog didn’t hate to get wet!

  • What a great jacket – wishing all those who participate in the drawing good luck!

    I am visiting from the Blog Link Up

    Enzie at

  • We would love to win this jacket! Bailie and I could take turns wearing it.

  • Layla does not swim but would donate to a friend of mine who is always at the ocean etc and fosters dogs – I believe in sharing

  • We might take Mr. N kayaking later this summer and he’s definitely going to wear a life jacket. He knows how to swim but I worry about currents and such.

  • That looks like a nice life jacket. I like that you can use it as a rain coat too! Cool feature!

  • That looks like a great life jacket.

  • Gretel and Chester wear life jackets when we go paddleboarding. They are so light that I feel like the buoyant jacket throws off their swimming rhythm a little but I still make them wear one. The most important thing to us is a handle so we can pull them back on the board. I worry though that something could happen to me where I couldn’t pull them out of the water though. That means they would have to swim a long time and I think the life jacket is important in case they get tired.

  • OMG I don’t know how I missed this giveaway, but I am glad I caught it!! I love Kurgo products, and would LOVE to win this!!! yes, 2 of my dogs are great swimmers, but my one baby is scared of the water LOL
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  • We’ve heard about the Kurgo company, but actually don’t own any of their articles yet! The life jacket sounds like a great idea, especially with the handles.

  • what a great giveaway. my dogs are great swimmers but this would be great when they get older