Tribute Video “I Love My Dog”

Featuring Your Dogs

I love my little rescue dog Kilo. My human children call him “the Favourite child” We wanted to do a tribute video to wish all the dog Mom’s we know “Happy Mother’s Day” from their dogs.

We ran a giveaway and asked everyone to send in a photo so we could make a montage.

Enjoy this special celebration of the bond between dogs and their Moms.


Card to me from my Kilo the Pug : Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day to the person who usually gets stuck with feeding me, training me, walking me, cleaning up after me, taking me to the Vet, kissing me, hugging me, and worrying about me – from Kilo The Pug.

Thank you to all the wonderful community members who sent in or patiently posed for photos (and treats in Kilo’s case). Let us know if we missed anyone.

The song is our original My Dog available on iTunes. The original music video for dog lovers is below. It was created for the original Talent Hounds Documentary:


TH Happy Mother's Day Fruity Frosty

You may want to enjoy the Frosty Fruity Hearts Kilo and I made for Mother’s Day- healthy yummy recipe and so easy.

Have a wonderful day!

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