Award-Nominated New Comedy Series Backseat Barkers

Millennial Pet Parents Travelling With The Dogs

Backseat Barkers collage featuring the stars fishstick, lottie, sophie and huh

We are thrilled to share our “interview” with Hugh and Jess and their fur kids Fishstick the Rescue Pug and Nana the Border Collie. The entertaining new series is a scripted look at their new life together from the dogs’ point of view. We were inspired by my own Kilo the Pug, my extended family and all our incredible Talent Hounds friends.

We are so proud to have been nominated for Best Video in The annual BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards. We can’t wait for the red carpet ceremony June 15th, 2016 in Phoenix.

Are You A Pet Parent? A Dog Mom or Dad?

Adorable Fishstick the rescue pug closeup

Fishstick the Rescue Pug

If you answer Yes to these questions you may be a pet parent:
  • Does your dog have more of a social media following than you?
  • Do you spend more money on your dog’s haircut and grooming than your own?
  • Do you travel with your dog?
  • Do you worry more about your dog’s diet and health than your own?
  • Does your dog sport the latest in pet fashion?
  • Do you spoil your dog with the coolest new gadgets, toys and games?
  • Does your dog see a trainer more than you see your own personal trainer?
  • Is your dog allowed on the furniture and even the bed?
Nana the talented Border Collie smiling

Nana the talented Border Collie

Pets offer so much more than just companionship, they can also satisfy the need to be a parent—with a little less responsibility and less complicated, unconditional love.

Move over Baby Boomers! Millennials are changing the way we think about families.  Millennials, those ages 18-33, are redefining family by adopting fur kids earlier. According to a Wakefield study, the average millennial gets their first pet at the age of 21 rather than the average boomer, who waited until 29. Many view pets as “practice” for starting a human family and are choosing to wait longer to get married and have children. For a growing number, pets are their kids.

Dogs do require a lot of love and care including daily exercise, food, grooming and training.

Lotties, Sophie, Hugh and fishstick sitting on the couch

Dating with Dogs

Since more Millennials are now dating with dogs, finding a partner that will connect with your fur baby is very important.

We looked at how dating with dogs is also re-shaping how we choose who to date for our new romantic comedy movie Pippy Love

Having a well-trained dog could definitely get you some extra points at the dog park.

We noticed the impact dogs have on romantic relationships and so now we are looking at the impact dating can have on the dogs from their point of view.

Backseat Barkers promo poster

Our new hilarious web series, Backseat Barkers, follows a blended family of two twenty-somethings, Sophie and Hugh, Fishstick an unruly pug and star fur baby Nana the Border Collie as they move in together then embark on a road trip. Think the canine version of the Odd Couple on the Road.

What happens when your fur babies don’t click right away and how do you make introducing them go as smoothly as possible?

Lotties, Sophie, Hugh and fishstick sitting on the couch

This light-hearted series shows the ups and downs of dating with dogs and starting a family. It also shows the different breed characteristics and how important it is to do your research when choosing a pet. A road trip with a new partner can be challenging enough, but throw in two dogs who are the complete opposites and hilarity will ensue. Follow Sophie and Hugh as the navigate the world of romance and road tripping with dogs around Ontario checking out fun pet-friendly places and creating harmony in a new-age blended family.

Tell us your fur baby stories and tips below!

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