We celebrate the amazing talented Rescue Dogs we have met in this new TV episode “Rescue Dogs Rock“.  They are not broken, they CAN be trained, and they have so much love to give. The best of man’s best friends.

Please add your dog and story in comments or by e-mail if we have missed you as we will be doing lots of video tributes.

We would love to give a special thank you to BULLWRINKLES DOG TREATS and EUROCAN PET PRODUCTS for providing delicious and healthy treats to so many so rescues. They have been amazing in supporting the Rescues Rock! campaign and spreading the message:

Adopt Don’t Shop! or if you plan to buy, do your research, pick the breed that’s right for you and go to a responsible breeder, then Spay and Neuter your pets.

Special Thanks to all the wonderful Rescue Dogs, Organizations and Pet Parents involved with the project. You all Rock!

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