Summer Fun In The Sun With Dogs Giveaway

We have been having so much fun in the summer sun here in Ontario lately that we were inspired to share photos and launch a new giveaway.

Giveaway- Fun In The Sun With Your Dog - WIN C$25 VISA Gift Card

What’s better than a fun beach day or trip to the park or cottage with your best friend? How about a little extra spending cash to make the day extra special.

Enter to WIN a C$25 VISA gift card to help you and your pet have more fun in the sun.

Enter the Contest Below – Open to residents of US and Canada over the age of 18 where legal – full rules here.

Contest runs from August 16th, 2016 until September 5th, 2016.

Kilo the Pug having fun in Toronto

Kilo the Pug at Cherry Beach having fun in the sun

Every week I walk and play with Kilo the Pug during the cooler times of the day. I take him to Cherry Beach, the Ravine near us and the Waterfront. Kilo does not go off-leash and is not a big fan of getting wet but he loves sniffing around and paddling.

Beau the Frenchie on Georgian Bay

Beau the Frenchie having fun in the sun at the beach

Aria’s dog Beau the Instagram (@tinkerbeaubeau) star is very happy running around socializing at the beach and in the park. He got a little life-jacket but is not keen on swimming yet.

Buster the Portuguese Water Dog having fun on Lake Muskoka

Buster a black portuguese water dog looks over edge of the boat into the lake

This past weekend I was up at Muskoka Lake with Buster the Portuguese Water Dog Puppy. We were hiking, kayaking, boating, dock-jumping and swimming.

He is an amazing swimmer, faster than me now.

Maya the Maltipoo on Kennisis Lake

Maya at the Lake

Two weeks ago, we were lucky enough to visit Kennisis Lake 3 hours north of Toronto with Maya and her family. Maya is not a big swimmer but she loves playing fetch with a tennis ball over and over beside the lake. She paddles to keep cool every now and again and enjoys boat rides.

Angus and Sammy The Bearded Collies having fun on Lake Rosseau
Sammy and Angus Bearded Collies at Lake Muskoka

Angus and Sammy on the dock on Lake Rosseau 2 hours north of Toronto near Lake Muskoka after we had all been in the water. They like swimming, running around and boat rides.

Other Friends having fun in the sun

Sweetie, Shivers, and Lulu the Jack Russells in Toronto.Sweetie, Shivers, Lulu in waterSweetie Shivers Lulu enjoying sand

They just love water.


Macho the dock diving dog

Diver and swimmer Macho is a real star – he wins dock-diving contests and dazzles.

Dogs Loving The Sun & Water At Cherry Beach


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Check out more fun activities for summer.

Share your photo with us of your dog having fun in the sun.


2 Bonus entries for each of the following:

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  • Julie D 1 year ago

    Love the pics

  • Sandy Weinstein 1 year ago

    my girls dont like the water, but they do love laying in the sun and sunbathing, which i dont really like b/c it bleaches out their coats. Evie loves the sun. she loves to sit on the porch after breakfast and sun.

  • Love the pics and we are so excited to enter = thanks

  • Patti 1 year ago

    Going to enter Noelle’s summertime fun pic 🙂

  • My boy isn’t a lover of water but we did go kayaking and he loved it! Also we discovered tree house glamping this summer. THAT was new!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      How cool. Will have to check out the treehouses. We did something like that in Africa. No Kilo, but lots of other wild animals.

  • Those pups Sure do look like they’re having MAJOR fun in the sun! I wonder if Penny would like a boat ride…

  • Those Bearded Collies are so cute! I never see that breed anywhere. We’ve made a lot of trips to the coast this summer and I’m dreading the turn of the weather as summer is my favorite season by FAR. It’s so much better to walk and hang in the park with the dogs. These are fun pics and I’ll enter the contest next!

  • These are great photos – all the dogs look so happy to be by the water.

  • I am sorry I thought I commented on this one, oops. Ruby has entered this fun contest. She’s not crazy about the water, but she loves being outside for picnics and fun in the sun (or shade)

  • I wish we had some quiet, usable lake near by. We don’t. One of these days, when we can, we plan on building a pond.

  • Felines have fun in the sun too, but for us it usually consists of laying still in a prone position in any sunny spot.

  • There were some good action shots here, but all of the photos just made me smile! I thought of the memories that were made this summer, and how much those owners will cherish the memento of a wonderful moment in time! <3

  • The only way to enjoy the summer is in the water. These snow dogs are counting down the days til our first snow day!!!

  • Those are some really great fun in the sun photos. I am starting to get sad that summer is wrapping up. Thanks for sharing these great photos and dog friendly spots.

  • Just further proof that dogs love being around the water… looks like a great time! 🙂

  • Great photos. My mom’s dog doesn’t like the water, but my sister’s Australian Shepherd loves it.

  • These dogs are all so adorable, enjoying Summer fun. Macho looks like a real water dog!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • These dogs look like they are having so much fun! This is a great time of year to go to the beach. It is hot enough to enjoy the water, but cool enough that you aren’t going to burn your feet in the sand. 🙂 Great idea for a photo contest!

  • Love the pics and figuring out how to enter here 🙂

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks- Nothing much to figure out? Just name, state and e-mail in case you win and entered. Bonus entries as commented.

  • This is a fun contest for dog people! I love some of the pictures. It’s winter here in NZ and still chilly do I envy the sunshine! Out cats prefer to spend teir time cosy indoors!!

  • Mr. N will wade but he doesn’t like to swim. We took him canoeing this weekend!

  • We also make the most of our beautiful Ontario summers. Love to see dogs enjoying the water!

  • I love seeing dogs enjoying themselves! And so many seem to love being in or near the water. I wish I could easily take my dogs to a lake for a similar adventure!

  • Finndawg would love every one of these scenarios… he loves his water too!

  • You take such amazing photos. What a great contest to boot, too. I am going to miss summer for sure.

  • What fun photos! We loved looking at them.

  • It’s always fun to have an outing with your dog! I just love the pictures of the dogs enjoying themselves on their outing 🙂

  • Such fun pics! Our Siberian Huskies much prefer cooler weather, although their kiddie pool has been keeping them happy (when they are not snoozing inside in the a/c) and we have fun (in the shade!) especially when I set the hose on mist while they splashing around! Can’t believe summer is almost over!

  • No dogs here but this sure looks like for dogs and dog parents.

  • How fun! I wish my dogs were more adventurous, they hate water!

  • OMD so much fun!! Love the pics btw!