Talent Hounds CASTING CALL for Dogs

Bring your Dog to the Talent Hounds Casting Call at PawsWay Toronto.


We will be holding an Open Talent Hounds Casting Call and scouting out a range of talents, dog breeds and training methods to appear in the film airing on The Pet Network.

The documentary Talent Hounds explores the evolving talents and roles of dogs from wolves to wonderkids or from foe to friend to family.


When: 1 – 5 pm Saturday, Dec 8, 2012

Where:  Pawsway Toronto, 245 Queens Quay West, North Building, Toronto

Talent Hounds will be auditioning your cuties, heroes, fashionistas, rescues, athletes, tricksters and entertainers at PawsWay Toronto Saturday, December 8 from 1 to 5 pm.

PawsWay Toronto is dedicated to the understanding and celebration of pets. It’s the first place in the world where pets, owners, and pet lovers can come together to enjoy exhibits, activities, special events and more.

In addition to the Talent Hounds Casting Call at PawsWay, several other open Casting Call audition events are currently scheduled across Ontario. However you can always submit an audition online from anywhere in the world at TalentHounds.ca. Check out the website for more details and like us on Facebook.



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