Our Live Event Auditions are over but you can still submit online until January 7th! See details below.

For more information on our past live event casting calls visit the Behind the Scenes blogs for each event below:

Talent Hounds Casting Call at The Red Barn Event Center

Talent Hounds Casting Call at Canine Campus

Talent Hounds Casting Call at Who’s Walking Who (Coming Soon)

Talent Hounds Casting Call at PawsWay Toronto (Coming Soon)

Talent Hounds Casting Call at Holiday Pet Care (Coming Soon)

Talent Hounds Casting Call at All About Dogs (Coming Soon)

Who can audition: Any and all dogs can be discovered for Talent Hounds, whether they’re sophisticated performers with high-powered agents, or just doggies on the block, we welcome them all.

Here are some suggestions too:

  • Tricksters and Entertainers (singers, dancers, freestyle, and tricks of all kinds)
  • Cuties and Fashionistas (costumes, puppies, loveable mutts)
  • Service Dogs and Heroes (such as police, fire, therapy, guide dogs and dogs who have come out of rescues and shelters)
  • Working Dogs (such as hunting; pulling, herding)
  • Athletes (agility, flyball, disc, treiball, dock jumping)

How To Participate:

To participate in the Talent Hounds Casting Call, simply follow these steps:

1) Sign up as a Dog Owner here

2) Sign up your dog(s) for the Casting Call by filling out a Dog Audition Profile here

3) Submit your video and/or photos

Registration is open to people over 18 everywhere. For details of the process and more, please refer to our  Casting Call Guidelines here.

Visit TalentHounds.ca for more Casting Call Event details, or to submit an audition online anytime!




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  • Stephanie 2 years ago

    I have a Jindo mix puppy I would like to start casting I’ll send you pictures let me know if you’d be interested

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Feel free to submit through the red side bar button. This casting call is over but we are often looking for puppies.