Video and Photos of Dogs’ Amazing Talents


Amazing Talented Dogs and their wonderful Trainers rocked the Canadian Pet Expo over the weekend. You won’t believe what these dogs can do- dancing, tricks, disc, pawstands, jumps. So much fun showing the bond that hard work, courage, commitment, training and positive reinforcement can build.  I must admit, I was dazzled and am loving the photos and videos.

I am inspired to keep training little Kilo the foster Pug. We had Ambassador and Mentor Sara and Hero the Super Collie, as well as Lottie, Grizzly, Rev, Linzy, Sweetie, Shivers, Kowboy Fred, Kallie, Arthur, Lady Bug, Comanche, Mia, Mickey, Maya, Buster, Harley, Vegas and Noodles the WonderDog.Thank you so much to the talent and thanks to Pet Valu and The Pet Network for supporting. Thanks too to all the individual dog sponsors including Nutrience, Barkers Brunch, Big Country Raw (feel free to shout out in comments)  and to Bullwrinkles, Benny Bullies and me with SpawDry Towels for prizes.

Thank you to the talented photographers and videographers Aria Evans, Colleen Yates, James Yates and Angela Cassulo for capturing so many magic moments.

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