Sara and Hero The Super Collie Plus More Great Talent

We love to showcase the many talents of dogs on the blog and in our documentary television series and live events. One of the most amazing ways humans can bond with their dogs is through training and play. These talented trick dogs and their owners are great examples of how strong and fun the human-animal bond can be.


We feel very lucky to have met many of the most talented trick dogs in the world in person and online. These  skilled trick dogs perform at events and in videos, commercials and TV shows and compete in shows like Best dog tricks at Woofstock 2016 or the Top Dog Trick show at the Canadian Pet Expo.

We want to showcase the talent, hard work, and dedication that goes into perfecting complicated tricks and behaviours. Enjoy our round-up of these talented dogs and trainers.

Do You Know The Most Talented Trick Dogs In The World Noodles the Wonder Dog balances on a basketball at the Canadian Pet Expo

Videos of Amazing Trick Dogs

Kyra Sundance and her dogs Chalcy and Jadie


Kyra Sundance is a world-acclaimed Stunt Dog Show performer, celebrity dog trainer, and internationally best-selling author, based in Palmdale, California.



Hero the Super Collie with trainer Sara are an incredible duo. They just made it through the first two audition shows and will be on the America’s Got Talent Live Show in August. So Excited for them. See the story of how their lives changed HERE

Sara has also recently adopted a rescue named Marvel and a little puppy called Loki who are already performing and will soon be trick dog champs like their big brother.

As well as dazzling on Talent Hounds and The Pet Network, Hero has given David Letterman Kisses, Performed for Marilyn Denis and CityTV, Played Basket Ball on Animal Planet and Skateboarded on The Family Channel. He is also a Qualified Therapy dog and has awards and certificates in Herding Instinct, Worlds Youngest Champion Trick Dog (At only 4 months old), and Agility.

Sara Carson is considered one of the top trick dog instructors in the world and is certified through “Do More With Your Dog!” with Kyra Sundance (we take her online courses with Kilo the Pug). She is now giving workshops across the US and as far away as New Zealand and performing.

Dog Training Tips Featuring Sara and Hero, the Super Collie.



The Olate family is one amazing bunch of performers and trick dogs. They wowed the crowd taking home the top prize of America’s Got Talent. Check back soon for our full interview.

Noodles The Wonderdog


Noodles is such a talented therapy, trick and rescue dog. Some may know him as the winner of the”Stupid Dogs Trick” at Woofstock or the winner of the Good Morning America Top Dog Contest. He has been featured in our Talent Hounds documentary series in Rescues Rock. He performs regularly around Chicago teaching kids about dogs and positive training.

Read his full rescue story HERE

Jesse the Jack


I am always delighted to see the adorable Jack Russell Jesse of Just Jesse. We recently met up at Blog Paws in Phoenix and before that at Global Pet Expo. I have seen him do paw stands and somersaults.  In his videos, he can be seen skateboarding, fetching the mail, playing the piano, driving a motorized car, and shopping; plus much more. Jesse loves to entertain and bring a smile to people’s faces and is a real sweetie.

Talented Trick dogs Just Jesse and Jasmine and Diamond Dogs with Susie and trainers at BlogPaws 2016

Jesse, Jasmine and Diamond Dogs at BlogPaws 2016

Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs

Check out Kronos and Terra on their YouTube Channel.




I was so thrilled to meet Jasmine and her mom of My Favourite Pup Jasmine at this year’s Global Pet Expo. She’s not only adorable but knows an impressive amount of tricks and is trained entirely with positive reinforcement.



He’s been called the world’s smartest dog. He became a viral hit after performing an incredible 25 stunts including skating, backflipping and diving in just two minutes. Have a look at his awesome moves- I love the wink at the end. His trainer Omar is one of the top trainers for film and TV in the world.

Shivers, Sweetie and Lulu


Marcy is a wonderful positive reinforcement trainer and her dedication to her three Jack Russells is obvious in their strong bond together an impressive roster of tricks. Sweetie, the eldest Jack can solve math problems, Lulu rides skateboards and plays piano and Shivers can jump rope.

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Lottie the Border Collie and Grizzly the German Shepherd


We are always so impressed by Dog Trainer Taylor and her super talented viral video stars – Trick Dogs Lottie the Border Collie and Grizzly the Rescue German Shepherd. Taylor and Lottie have been performing 2 years in a row with Talent Hounds and with the addition of Grizzly their act keeps getting better and better.

Dog Training Tips By Taylor, the talented trainer of Lottie 

Rev the Border Collie


Rev is a gorgeous Border Collie, with an easy going personality and lots of energy. He is a natural athlete and very smart. He competes with trainer Maddisen in canine musical freestyle, freestyle disc, agility,  dock diving, herding, and pretty much any other dog sport. Rev has performed with Talent Hounds and been featured on City TV and the Pet Network. He is now a member of the amazing Woofjocks team.

Nana the Border Collie


Nana is an extremely well-trained Border Collie with a YouTube Channel and successful career performing. Her trick videos were part of the inspiration for the original Talent Hounds Documentary. I was so impressed with her trick-off video versus Kaiser the Cat.


Nana is one of the stars of our Backseat Barkers comedy series along with Fishstick the Pug.

Cohen the Australian Shepherd


Cohen is a beautiful well-trained Aussie who performs with the SuperDogs and can be seen in lots of TV commercials. She recently just appeared with Kaiser the cat in a TV commercial.

See her full profile HERE



The WoofJocks Canine All Stars are a skilled group of dogs and handlers. The troop of well-trained dogs love to show off tricks, agility and their dance moves in the ring for audiences. The shows are always educational and fun and all the dogs are family pets who have been trained using Positive Reinforcement training techniques.

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Cassandra’s Dancing Dogs


Canadian Trainer Cassandra Hartman, of Cassandra’s Canines, a dancer who teaches and competes in musical canine freestyle with her beautiful dogs including Twyla Tharp, Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. It combines obedience training like heeling, tricks with rhythm and dance. It’s amazing to watch and it really does look like the dogs enjoy dancing to the music.



Linzy and mom Reta have been performing with Talent Hounds for 2 years and we love to see there incredible bond only growing.

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Rescue Dog Mercy Is A Trick Dog Star!

We met Mercy and her family at last year’s Woofstock where she won the Sunday Pet Trick Contest (See Photo’s HERE). This adorable rescued cockapoo wowed the crowd with her fun tricks including shooting basketball hoops like an NBA pro. She proves Rescues Rock! She also made the finals at the Canadian Pet Expo Trick Show in 2016.

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Jambo was named  the 2013 DOG OF THE YEAR by In The Doghouse DTC  in recognition of all he has achieved and for being an amazing ambassador for Rescues and “Bully” breeds! He got his first Dog Trick Title at just 7 months old and by 14 months old already had 7 Trick Dog Titles including “Expert”. What an inspiration!

Read: The Power of Positive Training -Jambo the Staffy Trick Dog!

Ashley, Mickie and Maya


Dryver and dogs Kallie, Niner and Spook


Dryver, Kallie and Spook

Jasper Zen


Romeo the Golden Retriever rocked his audition



Heather of Ruffsport teaches and entertains. Her dogs do tricks and compete in dock-diving and agility.


Pudsey – another inspiration for the Talent Hounds Documentary


Check out our Gallery of auditions and Community members and our YouTube Channel for many more incredibly talented dogs.

Teach Your Dog A New Trick

Check out some of our dog trick how-to’s and your dog can soon be a top trick dog too!

How To “Sit Pretty” 

How To Teach Your Dog To Bark On Command

 Let us know if we have missed any of your Favorite Trick Dogs or if you want to be included.

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  • Such impressive talent from the dogs and the trainers! What’s even better is, all these dogs look like they loving what they’re doing!

  • There are so many talented dogs featured but I love Jesse the Jack. I’m so motivated now to try some small easy trick – so barking on command for the doxies may be fun. How does that dog get all four feet on that basketball!!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I know- I love Jesse too and Noodles is incredible. Not sure how he does it. Kilo does not like trying that trick LOL

  • What a great compilation! These dogs are amazing. I’m lucky if I can just get my dog to sit and stay. Oh, just kidding! Kind of. 🙂

  • I need to teach Mr. N some new tricks! We worked on the high jump retrieve a few days ago which was fun.

  • Wow, this is a huge list. I’ve met Hero several times and he’s appeared on my blog ( Is there a Winter Woofstock? If so, we should meet up there. I’d love to profile a few more. (I’m going to Pawlooza)

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I believe there will be Canadian Pet Expo and Winter Woofstock. Love Hero and all these amazing talents. They have taught me so much and inspire me with their amazing bonds and hard work.

  • Ruby doesn’t do many tricks (any), but we sure are impressed with all these talented dogs. I had no idea Noodles was from Chicago. We will have to keep an eye out. I would love to see Noodles perform in the fur.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes- I will connect you as Noodle’s family have become wonderful friends. I think you’d really enjoy meeting them.

  • Loved reading about all these wonderful dogs and their handlers. I love watching trick dogs, never ceases to amaze me how intelligent and talented canines are.

  • It’s so amazing what dogs can do.

  • What amazing talent, I envy the people that are able to teach their dogs tricks

  • Wow! These are some really talented doggies. Thanks for sharing.

  • These dogs are SO incredible! I loved the ones on America’s Got Talent & Brittain’s Got Talent, they were really amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • These are great tricks. I’m lucky if my dog will sit on command 🙂

  • Wow! A lot of great tricks and teams. I just love it when pet parents spend time with their dogs and learn how to have FUN~ Thanks for sharing.

  • These dogs are amazing! Their trainers must be pretty pawsome too. I can’t even imagine how much time it takes to train these things. You can see that the dogs are loving what they are doing in these videos.

  • I always think it’s amazing the tricks dogs can do with their trainers.

  • Omg I LOVE this article!! If I would try this with one of my dogs they would just look at me like: “woman, please!” Haha!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      You’d be surprised- Kilo associates tricks and training with my full attention and treats so he loves it. He is not as sharp as some of these dogs and I am not as good a trainer but we sure have fun

  • These are amazing! Such a fun post – thank you. I have a training book at home featuring Kyra Sundance. I’m hoping to work with Jack soon as he is definitely less fearful now.

  • Such a fun post! Thank you for sharing I could watch these videos all day, every day! 🙂

  • Bow wowza, Susan. These are amazing dogs in action. I am proud to know a few of them, and I really enjoyed watching them. I know that positive reinforcement is key and making sure the dogs are happy. TY for the smiles!