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Company Mission- How DOG for DOG Is Giving Back


“We believe that every dog deserves to be fed nutritious and great tasting food. That’s why for every item we sell, we donate all-natural DOGSFOOD to help dogs in need.”

I interviewed  Rocky Kanaka  about his company DOG for DOG at the BlogPaws Conference in May 2015 (see my news post here and my news video below).


Susie and Rocky at BlogPaws 2015

Rocky is a very charismatic entrepreneur who had pet stores in LA  (TheDog Bakery) before founding DOG for DOG in 2011. I absolutely loved the idea of a company producing healthy dog food and treats, then donating as well.

One of Rocky’s defining moments was falling for and adopting his dog Flip in December of 2012, at this first DOG for DOG donation drop to Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue. Rocky founded DOG for DOG company to help dogs in need but says that meeting Flip helped him realise the true impact the company could have. Given my little pug Kilo is also a rescue, I could identify-  #rescuesrock!

The DOG for DOG Products

We received a small sample of the dry dog food at BlogPaws and Kilo the Rescue Pug gave it a big “tongues up” – I hear the DOGSFOOD is coming soon to PetSmart stores in Canada.

PetSmart Canada shelf- DOG for DOG treats

DOG for DOG Treats at PetSmart Canada

I was thrilled to be offered the chance to do this review as I was planning to buy both their Natural Dog Treats and their Peanut Butter for Dogs when I heard they were available at PetSmart Canada. I confess that Kilo the Pug and I are both Peanut Butter fanatics – we have a tiny bit at breakfast most days. He has some behaviour and anxiety issues so we also go through a lot of dog treats for training.

We went over to my local Toronto PetSmart store and picked up 3 products: DOGSTREAT MINIS, DOGSBAR and DOGSBUTTER.

Kilo and DOG for DOG DOGSBUTTER Treat Review


DOGSBUTTER is peanut butter formulated for dogs! It’s all natural made with only 3 ingredients and is gluten free with no added salt, sugar, or hydrogenated oils. (I also like that I am sure it does not contain xylitol, a sweetener added to certain human products that can be toxic for dogs). It needed a little stir when I opened the jar as some of the oil was at the top, but the texture and smell were wonderful. I add it to banana and yoghurt to make Kilo’s favourite ice cream and smoothies. It is also great in cookies and other treats.

Kilo training "walk like a human" with peanut butter for Dogs

Kilo dancing for DOG for DOG peanut butter

I also put a little on the end of my finger or a wooden spoon to teach Kilo to walk nicely on his leash and stop pulling, and also to teach him to dance, walk like a human, site pretty (still a work in progress) and do other funny tricks. It is a very effective prolonged lure as he will work or walk as he licks.

Kilo and DOG for DOG treats waiting with Tongue Out

Kilo licking his lips for DOG for DOG treats


DOGSTREAT MINIS are a natural kibble-sized treat perfect for small dogs and ideal to use for repetitive rewards during training. Minis are free of corn and wheat, and come in 2 delicious flavours including peanut butter and duck.

Kilo waiting for DOG for DOG treats #sponsored

We got the duck flavour and Kilo absolutely LOVES these treats!!!!! The smell and taste are almost irresistible to him but he did do a good “wait” reluctantly.

He also likes the texture. I squished them in half and made him work for them.

Kilo training %22wait%22 with DOG for DOG treats

He was delighted with our training sessions! He even posed for a few holiday photos in costumes he was not keen on.


DOGSBAR is a gluten free nutrition bar for dogs. You can use this bar as a snack, if you’re on the go, or simply because you want to help a dog in need. We are all so busy at this time of year (or well any time really), I think these are a great idea. Kilo got a little taste and thought they were delicious. he would have gobbled the whole bar if I had let him but he will just get a tiny taste each day over the next few days.


DOG for DOG News Video – Delicious Dog Food Gives Back


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