Dog Training Tips Featuring Sara and Hero, the Super Collie.

Hero the Super Collie and Sara were ambassadors for the Canadian Pet Expo and delighted the crowds with their talents and tricks. They helped judge the final day of the Talent Showcase.

I love watching Hero and I love getting tips from Sara. Kilo the Pug and I do online trick training with her.  We are going for our novice title.

She agreed to share how she trained Hero to walk between her legs from behind and then stand on her feet using reward-based, positive training. I find her dog training tips are simple and clear.  In fact I thought these were so good that I immediately went and tried to teach Kilo the trick.  He does not like coming from behind and stopping facing the same way as me between my legs. He immediately wants to turn and smile up at me. However luring and saying sit with rewards worked. We can even take a few steps, then we dance together a little spinning and jumping.

Check out Hero showing off his talents at Canadian Pet Expo.

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Check out their YouTube Channel

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