Following our focus on our wonderful local Canadian Trainers we are working with, we have rounded up 5 of our Top Blogs on Dog Training. These blogs represent a variety of training styles and tips from parenting your pup to inspiring your dog’s moves and grooves.

Puppy in Training: Colby is a guide dog puppy trainer and has been for the last five years. His beautiful and inspired blog, Puppy in Training, documents the journey of training puppy guide dogs but also offers tons of great tips and tricks and product reviews for all pups and dogs alike. Be sure to check out his squeeable 20 episode video series: Puppy in Training TV. A Dog A Dog Blog has a clear focus not only on training your dog but understanding them first. Written by Lindsay Stordahl, That Mutt has been featured in Dog Fancy, The Dog Daily, and Exceptional Canine (just to name a few). With a plethora of archives going all the way back to 2007 and ebook guides to boot, That Mutt is a great first go-to stop for info on dog training, dog behavior, dog exercise and dog adoption.

Say Yes! by Susan Garrett: Now that you’ve mastered the basics, it’s time to let your dog soar high with agility in co-operative training. Susan’s respected blog, Say Yes!, features topics from fitness to foundation to world championships.

Mary Hunter from Stale Cheerios training GingerStale CheeriosStale Cheerios is a fascinating blog written by a graduate student, Mary Hunter, studying the science of behavior and training.  The site is compact with great How To articles married with the Science of Training. Hmmm…perhaps the blog can have human applications as well.

Life With DogsLife with Dogs, a world leader in dog news and entertainment, consistently publishes in-depth top trainer interviews, posts on best training practices, and other topical articles on a range of subjects from health, news and recalls.

Special Mention:

Dogs Dogs Dogs: We also want to give a shout out to our friends at Dogs Dogs Dogs. Published six times per year, Dogs Dogs Dogs provides news, reviews, stories and advice for Ontario’s dog-loving community, and features contributions from noted trainers like Rene deVilliers and Gillian Ridgeway, edited by multimedia journalist Tom Sandford.  PR Accounts Manager Karen Sandford is an accomplished trainer in her own right, and is also the team leader of the Woofjocks, a high-energy dog performance squad.

Note on choosing our Talent Hounds’ Top 5 Blogs 

Our choices of Top 5 blogs were based on several considerations:  informative content, quality and reach, consistency and established communities. Ranking methods included: Alexa Rank, Google Rank, and Facebook and Twitter followers.

Also check out our recent Spotlight on Canadian Trainers.

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  • Thanks for including us on your top 5 dog blogs on dog training! We read all of these blogs except for Dogs Dogs Dogs. We’ll have to add them to our RSS reader. Thanks for sharing!

  • Very nice list of dog training blogs. Have checked them all and found extremely useful.

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  • Great collection of blogs. Will definitely hook with them up. Thanks for sharing these ones!

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  • Great list you have in there! I have been reading the Say Yes blog but found the other blogs useful, too! It doesn’t hurt to have more reference links, right?

  • Jordan Smallville 1 year ago

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for compiling this information. My ex and I are going through divorce and we each are taking one of our pets. It always helps to have information on hand about training, especially when you’re raising a pet on your own!

  • I like it. I also followed some of them. Whenever I need something with regards to my dogs and their trainings I always check their blogs. 🙂