Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

In most cases YES. But see below to avoid danger.

Kilo eating peanut butter

Kilo the Pug and I LOVE Peanut Butter. I have it for breakfast nearly every morning on toast. I confess that, if Kilo sits quietly beside me without begging, I share tiny pieces with him.

Kilo sitting waiting for toast and peanut butter

I give Kilo Peanut Butter in his Kong sometimes to relax him. I have also used it effectively as a reward in training once or twice.

I make various delicious frozen treats and smoothies mixing Peanut Butter with banana, yogurt, sweet potato and other fruits. I even added it to Pumpkin for Halloween and Thanksgiving Treats.

I see amazing recipes for homemade Peanut Butter treats that I am planning to try from trusted resources like Sugar The Golden Retriever.

I see rows of treats with Peanut Butter for sale in Pet Stores, markets and online (We tried some absolutely delicious Wag More Bark Less ones from BlogPaws)

Kilo with wag more bark less bag

Is Peanut Butter Safe?

When I first started fostering Kilo, I checked with my vet and searched online “Can dogs eat Peanut Butter?” and “Is Peanut Butter safe for my dog?”.

My vet said “yes, in moderation”.

Peanut Butter is one of the human foods that dogs do seem to be able to share in many cases.

However, Peanut Butter may be high in sugar, salt, fats and calories so a small, greedy Pug needs to limit his intake.

Kilo eating peanut butterKilo does not seem to suffer from any allergies or diseases (like diabetes or pancreatitis), so a little Peanut Butter should be fine.

Online responses included:

YES “A favorite treat of many canines. Not only is it a good source of protein, but it also contains heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E.” Caesar’s Way



Not All Peanut Butter Is Safe – Read The Label

I read this week that several brands of Peanut Butter and other nut butters are beginning to substitute a sweetener called Xylitol for Sugar. Because of its ability to help prevent cavities and tooth decay and its low calories, xylitol is proving to have some good health benefits for people, especially those with diabetes. It is often found in things like sugar-free gum.

Unfortunately, while xylitol appears to be safe for people, it is extremely dangerous for dogs — even in tiny quantities. Ingestion can cause rapid hypoglycemia (a dangerous drop in blood sugar level) and cause extensive damage to liver cells. Both conditions are potentially fatal.

sources:  Preventitive Vet  Pets haven animal shelter


So please, more natural varieties from trusted suppliers are preferable and always check with a vet and read the label if you are using Peanut Butter to make treats or giving it to your dog.

Do not give your dog Peanut Butter containing xylitol.

Homemade Nut Butter

If you want to make a great dog and human-friendly homemade maple almond nut butter, here’s a recipe from Show Me The Yummy.

Do you have any great recipes to share?

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  • I LOVE the Dogs vs. Peanut Butter video 🙂 I am so sharing it!!
    I have been using the JIF Peanut Butter which doesn’t contain any xylitol; I have been paying more attention to organic foods lately, and as a result will be buying organic peanut butter once our current jar will be empty (I found one by Smuckers which only contains organic peanuts and less than 1% salt).

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      It’s a cute video isn’t it. Yes I sometimes get JIF too. I’ll look out for that organic one (I really didn’t love the organic natural one my daughter got as the oil separated a bit and I probably missed the salt). Thanks for stopping by X Susie

  • I stopped giving our dogs peanut butter due to the Xylitol. There are so many things on labels that people don’t have to share that I’m worried that I might end up with peanut butter that changed to Xylitol. I know I’m being over cautious. Our dogs do LOVE peanut butter treats. I buy from all natural brands.