Easy, Healthy, Delicious DIY Dog Treats

You & Your Dog Will Love Them- Perfect for Fall and Tasty TongueOut Tuesday!

Kilo poses on pumpkin

Fall is a great season for fresh fruit and vegetables.  Kilo the Pug and my daughter both love pumpkin, sweet potato and apples which are plentiful right now. These are all healthy ingredients for dogs and humans- an Apple a day keeps the doctor away and Pumpkin contains fiber, potassium, iron and beta-carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A.

I love cooking and got inspired by Kimberley at Keep the Tail Wagging and her Delicious-looking  Easy Dehydrated Apple Treats to make some homemade dog treats.


1 apple- peeled and cored

1 cup full of fresh peeled sliced pumpkin

1 cup full of fresh peeled sliced sweet potato

– Adjust quantities and ingredients based on availability. I bought some pre-peeled and chopped pumpkin and sweet potato at our local supermarket.

Easy Baked Treats – Recipe Steps

  • Pre-heat oven to 300′
  • Chop each peeled ingredient into thin slices
  • Lay out slices on tin foil in baking tray
  • Spray with coconut or olive oil as needed to stop sticking (I did not add any but had a few bits of sweet potato stick)
  • Bake for 45 minutes then check on the slices and turn them over
  • Cook for another 45 minutes to an hour- adjust time to desired texture crispy (longer) or chewy (less time)
  • Be careful as my apple slices cooked faster than the pumpkin so I took them out earlier, after just over an hour in total.
  • Take the pieces off of the baking tray and let cool on a plate.

My daughter, Kilo and I all enjoyed most of them and stored a few leftovers in the fridge in a plastic baggy.

kilo wit pumpkin and apple slices

More Pumpkin Recipies

pumpkin and apple slices in pot

Mashed Pumpkin 

  • I took the pumpkin and sweet potato I did not bake above and put into a pot with water just covering.
  • I then boiled until the pumpkin was soft and the water had almost evaporated or been absorbed (I tested the pumpkin with a fork after approximately 10 minutes and lowered the heat for the last 10+ minutes – it is important to watch and add water if getting too dry or the mix will burn on the bottom of the pot)
  • Once soft to the fork, I then took my masher and mashed the mixture until it was the consistency I like.  If you find a few really firm bits, add a little more water and cook longer. The larger the pieces the longer they will take to cook.

Kilo had a spoonful of peas and mashed pumpkin with his kibble for dinner and the rest of the family had it with ribs and salad. Delicious!

Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk and Tumeric

  • I took a cup of the leftover mashed mix and added a cup of water, a pinch of tumeric and a tablespoon of canned coconut milk (all good for humans and dogs). I also had a cup of leftover cooked carrots and cauliflower in the fridge from the night before.
  • I blended them together with the Pumpkin mash until smooth then put back in the saucepan ready to heat and eat.

My husband and I had this delicious soup for lunch and Kilo got some with his kibble for dinner. I added chopped fresh coriander to mine.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

  • I took the remaining few tablespoons of Pumpkin mash and added chunks of one ripe banana and mashed together.
  • Then I added a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt and a dash of peanut butter (optional).
  • I stuffed the mashed mixture into Kongs and froze them for Kilo as an ice cream treat (it takes him longer to eat if frozen and he loves it).

Click Here For More Pumpkin Recipes 

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday

The anticipation of all of the Halloween treats has Kilo the Pug’s mouth watering!

 Tongue out tuesday kilo dressed as minion

The little Blue Jays fan sticks his tongue out to protest their loss.

tongue out tuesday blue jays fan

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