Dog Trainer Spotlight: Meet Hero, A two year old Border Collie Trick Dog Superstar and owner, trainer and best friend Sara Carson!













They rocked the FouFou Dogs Got Talent Show and will be appearing in our new up coming episodes airing on the Pet Network! Sara is a talented 19 year old trainer, who founded her own school, Paws Up Dog Training! Today she shares her training tips and tricks for what she calls the “Say Your Payers”!

As well as dazzling on Talent Hounds and The Pet Network, Hero has given David Letterman Kisses, Performed for Marilyn Denis, Played Basket Ball on Animal Planet and Skateboarded on The Family Channel. He is not only an amazing entertainer, but also a Qualified Therapy dog and has awards and certificates in Herding Instinct, Worlds Youngest Champion Trick Dog (At only 4 months old), and Agility!

Sara Teaches You Step-by Step A Cute Trick to Teach Your Dog!


“Say Your Payers”

It’s important in the life of an athlete to stretch out before an event and even before basic exercise to avoid injuries. This rule applies to our canine athletes!  The “Say Your Prayers” trick can be used as a way to stretch your dog before they perform, play or exercise, and it can be used as a cute trick to impress their fans. Step One, teach “Paws Up”:
You are going to teach your dog to place their two front paws on your arm or on a chair.  I’d suggest starting by luring your dog to put his/her front paws up on your forearm, then reward with positive reinforcement. Once they understand and do what you ask,  you could use the “paws up” Command as a verbal cue.Step Two “Say Your Prayers”:
Once the “Paws Up” command has been mastered move on to reaching your hand (with a treat) under your forearm to lure your dog’s nose between his/her paws. (See photo) As soon as your dog ducks their head click, or say “yes” and reward them.  Once they have mastered the end of the trick with their head between their paws you can put a name to the trick “Say Your Prayers”.
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Happy Training Tuesday!

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