Dog Trainer Spotlight:

Taylor is the talented trainer of Lottie the Border Collie!  They rocked on stage at the 2014 All About Pet Show in the FouFou Dogs Got Talent Show!


Here are some of Taylor’s tips and tricks for training!

My number one rule while training a dog is to have fun! Our dogs are a direct reflection of us, and our actions. If we are scared, they get scared, if we are happy, they’re happy, and if we’re frustrated, so are they. It’s very important to have a good time when you and your dog are working together. Keep training session short and fun, and always end on a good note so that’s the last thing the dog remembers.
Taylor and Lottie showing off some Disc skills, see all the cool GoPro footage thanks to StellaCam coming soon!
No matter what you’re training for, competition, trick titles, sports or even obedience, you must keep training POSITIVE! Never tell your dog “no” or scold them when they don’t do what’s asked of them. Just reward the good behaviours. Telling the dog what is wrong won’t make it do the right thing. Rewarding the right thing will encourage the dog to continue the good behaviour.  (For more on Positive Reinforcement Training Click HERE!)
Don’t ask too much of your dog. Be safe. Dogs aren’t fully developed until over a year and a half. Which means some tricks, behaviours and skills can be harmful to their joints, hips, back etc. Always do research and check with a vet or expert before teaching a new behaviour e.g. no big jumps until 2 years old!
Remember to always use your marker word, or clicker. Personally, I like marker words better than clickers. My goal is to create a reaction when the dog hears my voice. So saying “good” or “yes” once the desired behaviour is complete, will create a switch in your dogs head. The dog knows that your voice and marker word, following good behaviour, means reward. This helps enormously in agility, dog sledding and obedience.
Want to get out and accomplish goals with your best friend!? Using positive training, train your pup to do some tricks. Start simple, then, go to and submit your application, find a trainer near you to verify the tricks and earn your certificates!
The simplest training tips:
-Take each trick step by step. This is called “shaping”.
-Always end training on a good note.
-Be safe. Check with your vet before trying new things. Don’t push your dog too far and keep activities age appropriate. Avoid health issues later on.
-Use your marker word to mark desired behaviour, follow with reward.
-Don’t get too serious. Have fun with your dog.
Teach your dog to “Jump Over Your Leg!” once they are over 1.5 or 2 years old
Start with your leg on the ground. Lure the dog with a treat or toy, over your leg. Reward once both front and back legs are over your leg. Always mark the proper behaviour with a cue word or clicker. Followed by a treat or toy.
Gradually and slowly, lift your leg higher and higher, until the dog is actually jumping! Then, add a cue word. Such as “over” or “hop it”.
Remember to always end on a good note! Play with your dog and give a big reward at the end of the session to ensure the dog enjoyed itself 🙂
Keep training positive!
For more information and tips on training, follow my dog
Lottie The Border Collie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and youtube. 
About Taylor:
Taylor Duguay-Ladouceur
18 years old.
I’ve been training personal dogs for 6 years.
Participates in 6 dog sports.
Certified Trick Dog Instructor
Owns 3 beautiful pooches.
From Sudbury Ontario.
Performs with One year old Border Collie Lottie and events and fundraisers.
“Any dog can be forced by leash to stand by your side, true loyalty, friendship and love, is when off leash, they choose to stay by your side” – Taylor

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