FootStall Training with Hero!

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Sara Carson is the talented trainer of Hero, a 2 year old Border Collie Trick Dog Superstar! He’s already  given David Letterman Kisses, Performed for Marilyn Denis, Played Basket Ball on Animal Planet and Skateboarded on The Family Channel and appeared in Talent Hounds on The Pet Network!

Hero has quite the list of accomplishments so far with awards and certificates in Herding Instinct, Therapy Dog, Worlds Youngest Champion Trick Dog (At only 4 months old),Starter Games Dog Of Canada (Agility Title) and Placed 4th overall at the Ontario Agility Regional Championships! (22inc Specials)


About Sara:

Sara is a talented 19 year old trainer, who founded her own school, Paws Up Dog Training. She’s been working with dogs for over 8 years,  competing in Agility.

Sara shared with us he techniques for training, “Hero is trained with Positive Reinforcement and We started training the second I got him home. Clicker training is incredible and can be used to train anything! He knew over 60 tricks by the age of 4 months and currently knows over 200 at the age of 2. I run one of the only positive training schools in North Bay and teach a variety of Obedience, Tricks and Agility. Always remember, patience is key when working with animals! ”

“My moto when teaching is I train you not the dog. Its all about the interaction between the dog and owner.” Sara

Check out Hero and Sara’s video for the progression of training the FootStall! But please be careful as this is very advanced trick training and you need the basics or it could be dangerous for your and your dog.
We are proud to announce that this Talent Hound will be appearing this April in the FouFou Dogs Got Talent at the All About Pets Show!  and in new Talent Hounds Episodes.
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