Funny Pug Kilo Loves Tongue Out Tuesday

Kilo the Pug for TongueOutTuesday

Happy Tongue Out Tuesday from Kilo the Pug and the Talented Dogs of Talent Hounds- not Kilo’s most handsome selfie photo but he’s still so cute to me.  Join the fun and be featured on the blog in next week’s post. Simply share your dog’s tongue out photo with us on the site or our Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s Your Daily Dose of Cute -Enjoy Tongue Out Tuesday Photos From Our Friends!

Brad Smith and Laika sitting

Laika wasn’t the only one who tongue was hanging out at our Rescues Rock shoot with celebrity host and athlete Brad Smith. See the full story and more photos HERE

Screen shot 2015-08-31 at 4.39.39 PM

It’s hard not smile looking at this adorable little dog who was uploaded by a community member.

upside down bulldog smiling with tongue out tuesday

Who doesn’t love an upside down bulldog? This one is part of our new friends Dogs and Cats Go Hollywood 

Bronsters not a monster

Our talented friend Bronster the trick dog- check out some tricks and training tips on his Facebook page.

Bocker TOT

And a #TOT would not be complete without our handsome pal Bocker Labradoodle– more frosty paws?

Have a great Tuesday!

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