How To Teach Your Dog “The Limp” Trick!

An advanced dog trick sure to impress!

Ashley and Maya the Husky competing at Canadian Pet Expo

Ashley and Maya at Canadian Pet Expo

The more you teach a dog, the better your dog will become at learning in the future and the tighter your bond will get.

The “Limp” is a fun trick that any dog should be able to learn to master. However, it is very challenging, so remember to be extremely patient with your dog, and always keep training sessions fun for both of you. It may take up to several weeks or longer,  since it requires many steps.

maya face in snow

Our pal and trainer Ashley has wowed the crowds with her two talented, friendly dogs at quite a few live events with us, including Canadian Pet Expo.

Today she shares her pro tips and hints with the help of her beautiful Siberian Husky, Maya. She uses a clicker and high-value treats as positive reinforcement techniques. A toy and affection are also great motivators for your dog.

Teach your dog

Teach Your Dog “The Limp” Trick

Maya and Ashley teach your dog how to limp

Click the video to see Ashley and Maya in action.


To teach your dog to “limp” I recommend your dog know how to “paw target” or “shake a paw”.

  • 1) Start off by asking your dog to sit and shake a paw/target and while his paw is in the air click and reward.

We are going to ask for the dog to keep his paw in the air longer and longer while he is sitting then advance to standing.

  • 2) Once he gets that then we ask him to stand and do the same thing shake a paw or target but hold his paw in the air. Once he masters this then we start to add movement.

This will be the hardest thing for your dog as we need to build muscle memory

  • 3) Again we will ask for a shake or target but allow the dog to use your hand as support while moving.

As we build the muscle memory we can slowly fade that out. Ask for one step at a time.

  • 4) Once your dog can take one step we will ask for more until he can “Limp” without needing help or support.

Remember this trick can take a while to master, but have fun with it and stay positive with it!

maya in the snow

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