The Power of Positive Training! Fit Dogs and Rescue Dogs Rock! Meet Jambo, the first Staffordshire Bull Terrier to be a Trick Dog Champion!  Trained with Positive Reinforcement, helping break  stereotypes!

We are thrilled to announce that Jambo has been named DOG OF THE YEAR 2013 by In The Doghouse DTC  in recognition of all he has achieved and for being an amazing ambassador for Rescues and “Bully” breeds!

UPDATED! Jambos Owner and trainer Louise  Stapleton-Frappell, a Certified Trick Dog Trainer recently received a Trainer Spotlight for all of her amazing work! Way-to-Go! More HERE 

a union jack jumper

When owner Louise first got Jambo, he proved to be very mischievous, inquisitive and energetic, and quite a handful. “We started training the basics straight away, but as he got a little bit older, I also wanted to do something fun to use up some of his boundless energy.” We set out to be an absolute example of how amazing “Bullies” can be with love and training.
So began their journey into doing Dog Tricks. Jambo got his first Dog Trick Title at just 7 months old and by 14 months old already had 7 Trick Dog Titles including “Expert”.  He has also worked on general obedience and agility… Louise trains everything using Positive Reinforcement, pointing out that it is a total myth that you need to have a  “stronger” hand with this “type” of dog!  Using treats, toys and patience she has been able to teach Jambo a huge range of tricks!
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At only 16 months old, Jambo achieved what no Staffordshire Bull Terrier had done before – he became a Trick Dog Champion!

“I  don’t command Jambo to do anything or intimidate him. We work together and he gets rewarded with food, play, cuddles and fun.  I firmly believe that we would never have achieved what we have if I had tried to train him in any other way…” says Louise. “Jambo and I are doing our best to show how awesome Bullies are; to show how Positive Reinforcement Training is the ONLY way to train and that you don’t need to be a “Pack Leader”; and to show the fun you can have doing Dog Tricks  with any breed.”

through arms

Louise shares her training tips:

“When we are learning a new trick, or any new behaviour, each stage gets repeated and positively reinforced before we add in more criteria.  Jambo’s favourite rewards include tiny pieces of fish, cooked sausage, chicken, ham and other meats but he also absolutely loves cheese from a tube and peanut butter!  It’s really important to lay a solid foundation to any trick before progressing.  I reward him generously at each stage which means we can then build on the behaviour and take it to the next level.  Food is obviously the easiest thing to use for a reward, as I can give lots of it in small pieces, in a short period of time and therefore quite quickly positively reinforce what I want.   His absolute ultimate reward though is his “boomer” ball!  Unfortunately, not quite so easy to keep in your pocket! Because I teach him using rewards, he is always really enthusiastic about training and we have a great time  learning together. We don’t always get things right straight away but, when we don’t, I recognise that the fault is probably mine and not his!  I then have to think of a different strategy to effectively communicate with him what I want him to do.  The one thing we always do is have fun!
I keep our training sessions quite short and we both look forward to them!”
Jambo’s favourite tricks are “Stick ’Em Up, Bang You’re Dead”  and his “Ninja” hop-on trick where he does a “peekaboo” through my legs and then “hops on” to my feet so that we can have a little walk around.  He’s also pretty crazy about doing backstalls and loves to jump on my back whenever he gets the chance!

Watch some of Jambos trick videos from his channel below:

How to teach “Peekaboo”

Jambo Fetch Me a Soda! – I can see this being a useful trick!

Jambo jump! At only 16 seconds long, its adorable and really sums up the fun they have together.

For more Videos of Jambo in action visit Louise Youtube Channel HERE.
PLUS Don’t Miss Jambo in our NEW Rescues Rock! Episode coming to the Pet Network  in April 2014!

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